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Trusting Yourself with Jes Landau

If you're looking for motivation to keep going, even when things get tough, you're in the right place. In this episode, I'm joined by Jes Landau, a seasoned direct sales professional who has achieved incredible success in her industry. Jes has faced many challenges, including health issues like receiving her first pacemaker at age ten. Jes has led a team of over 7,500 people and has been featured in national podcasts and network television. She's also a sought-after keynote speaker.

In this conversation with Jes, you'll hear about her journey to the top of her industry and the lessons she's learned. From overcoming adversity to building a successful team, Jes shares valuable insights that can be applied to any industry or personal goal. You will want to catch this episode whether you're just starting or looking for inspiration to keep pushing forward. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by Jes Landau's incredible story of resilience and success.

Episode Highlights:

  • [00:02:50] Jes shares how she learned to cope with her social anxiety. She's fine once she gets there, but has social anxiety beforehand.

  • [00:06:12] How Jes uses her social anxiety as a superpower. She's led a team of over 8,000.

  • [00:08:25] The hardest decision that Jes has ever had to make was asking for a divorce. As scary as the moment was, it was also freeing.

  • [00:11:24] Be Brave was all Jes said to herself about 50 times daily. Jes hopes her example will help her daughter seek healthy relationships.

  • [00:12:42] Jes would tell her younger self to trust herself because she can always figure it out.

  • [00:14:05] She had her last pacemaker replacement three months ago.

  • [00:14:54] Self-trust came in her early 30s. She kept taking one step forward even when she only wanted to cry.

  • [00:18:26] Don't let a bad moment become a bad day. We get to choose how that moment is going to affect us.

  • [00:20:58] Don't quit. It might feel good in the moment, but it won't feel good in the long run.

  • [00:23:19] Jes shares how she got into the direct sales business.

  • [00:24:35] Get Your Hustle Shoes On is Jes Landau's book on getting past the stigma of direct sales. As professionals, we get to choose how many hours of our day we spend on our business.

  • [00:27:33] Getting over hangups around selling and rejection. We want to feel included. There is a lot of personal growth in direct sales. Use the mindset of I'm sharing.

  • [00:32:09] We need to take the time to celebrate what we overcome and accomplish.

  • [00:33:01] Jes shares how her biggest goals revolve around her love for her family. She also knows that her professional life will lead to something huge. She's also excited to grow as a leader.

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