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let's move into your destiny

At some point, someone convinced you that there was no way possible for you to have it all.

There is no way you can:

  • Have a loving, exciting romantic relationship

  • Be a phenomenal, nurturing mother

  • Have a thriving, successful business, or career

  • Have good money in the bank

  • Have a beautiful, healthy body that you are proud of

  • Be ALL in for God and live a full, amazing life


I’m here to show you that you can have it ALL - who said you have to settle for less?

Coaching is for progressive and forward-thinking women who are ready to invest back into themselves, uplevel their total mindset, and lifestyle.

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I am building a life that I love without settling in any area of my life.

I wake up feeling blessed and excited to live the life I have everyday, and my heart’s desire and mission is to help you feel the same way too.

God created you for a specific purpose. He also made all the provisions for you to enjoy and live your life abundantly. Your dreams were meant to be pursued. He placed the desires in your heart for a specific purpose that only you can fulfill. 

You have everything you need to do that right now. Coaching with me isn’t about you transforming into someone you aren’t and were never meant to be, it’s about becoming the best and highest version of yourself. 

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Making the decision to invest in yourself is not going to be easy...

As women, we are so used to taking care of everyone else. 
When we do address our own needs, we tend to neglect the internal and focus on the external. We get our hair done, go to the spa, make sure we are bad from head to toe.


I know I’m not the only one who bought an expensive bag or pair of shoes to make myself feel better! I mean, who hasn’t thought that a killer wardrobe, flat abs, and a big bank account would solve all the problems? 

REAL self-care is finally dealing with those internal issues that nobody can see, and creating permanent solutions that will long outlast that LV bag you had to have!


The moment I decided that enough was enough, and that it was time to change, was the moment that everything changed!


Experiencing fear of failure and self-limiting beliefs.

Not sure of what her next step in life should be. 

Ready for next level of success, but afraid of "dropping the ball" in another area of life. 

Unable to take personal responsibility

(it’s not them girl, its YOU). 

Dealing with and living out generational curses – and wants to avoid seeing it continue on in her children.

Seeking validation through her accomplishments and staying “busy”

Experiencing feelings of unworthiness, bitterness, and rejection (hello people pleasers). 

Repeating cycles of behavior which leave her feeling frustrated, confused, and stuck.

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But, I know that you’ve been doing

all the wrong things..

Can we be real though?  If you could do it -  you would have done it by now.  You would already be living the life of your dreams, you would have the relationship you dream of, the career that fulfills you, the money in the bank, the body you want...all of the things.  

Trying really hard by changing your actions is just not going to cut it.  All that does is set you up for disappointment, failure, and cycling through the same scenarios over and over again. I want you to see that it is this line of thinking that is exactly why coaching is a good decision for you right now.


It provides you with a more private experience where the focus is all on you. We can spend time exploring exactly who you are, and why you think, act and feel the way you do.

Together we can search out the most intimate parts of your soul, your past experiences, motivations, and life goals.
Then we will get to work on defining what your TEN life looks like, setting and reaching goals, and moving you forward.
Your very first transformation begins with you make a solid decision to work on yourself through coaching and committing to the results.
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One on one attention to focus on reaching specific goals in four areas of life: Career, Relationships, Health, and Money. 
If you’re over settling for a less than amazing life, I'll show you how to take the next year to create the make the dream of your life in all areas. 


INVESTMENT: $15,000 for 12 months

$10,000 for 6 months

(payment plans available)

Option 02.png

Group coaching and community focused on reaching specific goals in four areas of life: Career, Relationships, Health, and Money. 
If you’re over settling for a less than amazing life, I'll show you how to take the next year to create the make the dream of your life in all areas. 


INVESTMENT: $99/month

(cancel anytime)

5 STARS!! Krystal is truly walking in her purpose. She is warm, professional, an excellent listener, and genuine. Her goal from the very first session was to see me grow into God’s plan for my life and get excited about it. My transformation with Krystal was amazing. I highly recommend her coaching, 


- Candle L. 

5 STARS!! Krystal is truly walking in her purpose. She is warm, professional, an excellent listener, and genuine. Her goal from the very first session was to see me grow into God’s plan for my life and get excited about it.

My transformation with Krystal was amazing. I highly recommend her coaching, 

- Candice L.

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all it will take is 

six months with me!

My 6-month 1:1 coaching program, The TEN Life, offers a more private and confidential exploration of the intimate parts of your spirit, being, past experiences, motivations, and life goals. 

Together, you and I will work to define what your TEN life looks like, set big goals that make you nervous, and create a plan of action. We'll address all the obstacles that have stopped you in the past, and set you up to always know how to handle anything that comes your way. You'll be living the life you thought was only possible in your dreams!

What would that woman you are striving to be do right now?

Make the decision SHE would make about starting your coaching.

  • 6-12 One-On-One weekly one hour coaching sessions via Zoom Meeting

  • Goal setting and a personalized strategic plan-of-action which will require your weekly interaction and accountability.

  • Never feel like you're alone or like you have to wait until our next session, as you began working through your shift from the old to the new, with availability to me outside of our scheduled call times. 

  • Optional once monthly group coaching opportunity for additional opportunities to experience growth and breakthroughs.

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“I must admit that I was weary of coaching. I truly felt I didn't need anyone telling me how to plan my life. Then something happened… life became overwhelmingly unbearable, I was at a critical juncture in my professional and philanthropic life, and honestly, I was just plain stuck. I was afraid of moving forward and growing. Krystal's coaching helped me reevaluate and prioritize. 

More importantly, she helped me discover some hard truths about myself that honestly propelled me into my destiny. For that, I am eternally grateful and HIGHLY recommend Krystal’s coaching services! You will fall in love with her down-to-earth approach. She is raw, real and ready to help you grow! I love her and you will too!”

Testimonial 01.png

- Santina F.

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okay ladies,

here's the breakdown


You have big dreams, and a million brilliant ideas, but you aren't sure where to start or which ideas you should pursue.  And even if you did know where to start, you feel like between all of your obligations in your personal life and in your business, you don't have time to do everything you really desire doing.  You worry that if you go after your next level of success, you are going to end up dropping the ball in another area of your life.  

You want to be successful in every area of your life without being overwhelmed or feeling like you are hustling, so in this step we'll get crystal clear on what your dream 10/10 life looks like, and what needs to shift in order for you to do less, but better, and achieve greater results.  

You will create more space for you to be a great leader, partner, and parent, and you will be able to confidently claim your dream knowing that it is INEVITABLE.  You will know that you can do all of it without having to sacrifice one thing for another, and you will be able to do it in half the time.  


Once you have clarity on what your dream life looks like, it's time to get rid of anything that is in the way of you creating it.  This is where you begin to not only see what your 10/10 dream life looks like, but you believe that it is possible for you to design and live it.  

We're going to take a close look at, and ditch the old patterns that are stopping you from moving towards your dreams.  

  • You will trade procrastination, self-doubt, and frustration for decisiveness, focus, certainty, and calm.  

  • You will be the best and highest version of yourself. 

  • You will be shocked at how you have been able to shift your mindset so quickly. 

  • Your reactions to other people and circumstances will change, and you won't settle for less, or be easily swayed away from what you truly want. 

  • You will literally walk into any room, and your confident vibe and energy will have people saying "I want what she has!"

  • You'll know how to create opportunities for yourself and have people around you support you. 

  • Your thought processes will uplevel, and you will find yourself reaching your goals in half the time. 

  • Overwhelm will be gone and you will develop the skills to figure anything out, no matter how many things you've tried before. 


  • The ability to bounce back quicker after upsets or setbacks, making way for newer and more productive thoughts and methods of moving forward (no more days and weeks of being mad or sad because of life’s situations)

  • A newfound sense of responsibility for the self with the ability to identify your triggers and have better control over your responses.

  • A no-nonsense accountability partner, strategic partner,  supporter, cheerleader, and sometimes bully who won’t buy into your excuses, or desire to stay in comfort when you can shoot for and achieve amazing things.

  • Real results (your keen intention, attention, time, and effort are required) that will have your friends and family wondering what in the world you’ve been doing!  


You will design your unique path to achieving what you once thought was impossible by learning to love where you are as you create where you want to go.  

When you're setting goals, and not operating in your Queen's energy, you'll end up hustling, pushing, and inevitably letting some areas of your life suffer.  

You have aggressive goals and you need a higher level of accountability, because you've barely just scratched the surface of what is possible for you. 

You've waited long enough, and you don't want to waste any more time.  You want to shortcut the amount of time it will take you to create your dream life by creating your unique path.  You want someone who hold you accountable, holds your vision, and has your back./  

In this step we are going to create a path that aligns with your specific dreams and desires.  No cookie-cutter, one size fits all plans here!  

You will learn how to trust yourself, and your ability to make the right decisions, your ability to follow through, and your ability to have your own back no matter what.  

You will blow your own mind with how you are able to set more amazing goals in your life, and achieve them. 

You will learn how to GUARANTEE your results each and every time.  

Where do I begin? Dr. Krystal Conner and I are not strangers; however,  in January 2020, our dynamic changed...and definitively for the better. I recognized and admitted to myself and my closest friends that I was living with depression.  I knew that I needed something.


I was then introduced to the HIP Women's cohort.   Initially, I was nervous, but quickly discovered that this cohort, led by Dr. Conner, was the place and space in which I could share, evolve my thinking and grow. Dr. Conner's honest, candid and lighthearted, yet straight-shooting approach has helped me to stop, breathe, think things through and adjust my thoughts and actions necessary for my growth and ultimate success.

- KIA W.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I cannot make a scheduled session?
    Life happens - I get it! As long as it is not an ongoing issue, and you give me notice ahead of time (24 hours at least when possible), we can reschedule for another time that week, or add the session on the end of your program.
  • What are my payment options?
    You have the option to pay in full or make six monthly payments. In some cases, clients have opted to split their monthly payments into two payments a month, which is also acceptable.
  • How long do I have to commit to coaching?
    The one-on-one coaching is 6 months with either 6 or 12 sessions depending on the package you select. Don't let your brain convince you that it's "too much" or "too long". You are worth the time. Besides, you didn't just start thinking the way that you do, and it won't change overnight. This work takes time and practice. What better way to spend your time than on you becoming the most bomb version of you possible?
  • When do you offer group coaching?
    As a 1:1 coaching client, you will have the option to join a once monthly group coaching session in addition to your 1:1 sessions.
  • How will I be notified of upcoming coaching sessions?
    Once you are signed up and have made your payment, you will schedule a regular weekly meeting time. Each week you will receive an email with the Zoom link for our upcoming session.
  • What is the refund policy for coaching?
    There are no refunds.
  • Who is coaching open to?
    Coaching with me is only open to women who are committed to seeing their lives change, and who are ready to do the work. That means facing some tough realizations, doing a lot of work on your thoughts, and being willing to hear and do the hard stuff. Also women who like to laugh and enjoy moments of sarcasm. I have worked with multiple six and seven figure entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and high level corporate executives. Your title doesn't matter - only your willingness to commit to being the best version of yourself everyday!
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