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The Non-Negotiables for Dangerous Women

This episode is for everyone who wants to level up in every area of their life this year. I'll go over the seven non-negotiable things that you need to incorporate into your life to become the most dangerous and amazing version of yourself. Making these non-negotiables a part of your life will make leveling up inevitable.

There's a lot of talk on social media about being “that girl,” which often relates to a skincare routine or external appearance. In our community, we aim to not only look good but also to be strong in our mindset and possess emotional intelligence. As Dangerous Women, we represent the whole package. I'm going to discuss how to take the thoughts and ideas around being “that girl” externally and merge them with the elements necessary to be a Dangerous Woman.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [02:25] 1. Start incorporating a morning routine. Customize your routine to your life and where you are.

  • [03:17] Slow down long enough to wake up and pray or meditate or journal. Have some quiet time to check in with yourself.

  • [04:19] Get into the consistent habit of starting your morning more slowly.

  • [05:10] 2. Move your body in some way. You don't have to take class or buy equipment, just move your body in a way that's fun for you.

  • [06:23] 3. I want you to take the time, preferably, as part of your routine to journal.

  • [07:02] Start making journaling and writing out your thoughts a part of your life.

  • [07:43] Spend time asking yourself what's going on with you and how are you feeling.

  • [08:02] 4. Eat in a way that nourishes your body and helps you with your goals to be healthy and strong.

  • [10:04] You might need to prepare meals in advance, so you don't just grab whatever's available when you get super hungry. Do an evaluation of how you can nourish your body in better ways.

  • [10:53] 5. Have a schedule. This is what you do 99% of the time on rotation. Following a regular schedule will change your life.

  • [12:49] 6. Get a hobby that challenges you and forces you into discomfort. That puts you at a beginner level and requires you to think in a new way.

  • [15:32] 7. Understand your money. Look at your money no matter how much or how little you have. Know what your numbers are.

  • [16:27] We need to learn how to handle our money in a way that benefits us and our families. 

  • [18:14] Focus on these things and make them non-negotiables in your life.

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