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The Year of the Dangerous Woman Mastermind

You know that you aren't where you want to be in your life. 

You know that you were made for more, but you can't figure out how to get unstuck.  

What would your life look like in 365 days if you took the time to focus on making your biggest dream a reality? 

Welcome to your year of YOU! 

Here's what you'll get....

One year to focus on you and your biggest goal with
deep level coaching, accountability, and suppor

Your Investment

Investing in yourself and your growth is the greatest form of self care and self love.  There is no better investment you can make than in you becoming the best you that you can possibly be - a DANGEROUS WOMAN. 

This is you taking the leap and COMMITTING to being that woman.  

No more wishing, hoping, and dreaming.

No more settling for less.

No more waiting until later.

The time is now - you are worth it.

*Payment in full bonus includes 3 additional 1:1 sessions throughout the year

Client Testimonials

"If you're driven to be successful...get a coach!"

If you really want to change your life, live your purpose, be consistently amazing....get a coach!  Dr. Krystal is tough, but not too tough. Kind, but not too kind. Forceful, but not too forceful. She is empowering, inspiring, and motivating and she knows when you need a push or for me a kick in the butt...

If you want to be a boss, you have to start doing the work.  It's not always pretty, but 

If you're sick, get a doctor

If you're stressed, get a massage

If you're hungry, get a meal

If you're driven to be successful - get a coach - Dr. Krystal!

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