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I help women become dangerous in their businesses and in their lives!

I’m Krystal, and I help ambitious women ditch the status quo so that they can

thrive in business AND life without the stress, overwhelm, and 24/7 hustle.   

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Join the only challenge you'll need to truly transform your life!

This 5 Day Feel Better Challenge will get you together in a week, AND teach you how to coach yourself out of any situation. You’ll learn how one small shift can change EVERYTHING for you.


regardless of where we are in our journey, experience struggles with balancing our daily lives, our spirits, our relationships, our goals, and ourselves.

And let’s be real, you probably aren’t used to telling all of your business to another woman. You’ve spent a lot of time crafting your image, and actually admitting that you don’t have it all together, or that you feel behind in life, can be a little scary. 
This is not reality tv, I am not Iyanla, and I cannot “fix” your life! What I can do though, is show you how to completely change how you look at it, so that you would rate every part of your life a 10 out of 10. I can help you live your 10/10 life even if nobody or nothing else changes in your life.

Let's be Honest!

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You probably believe a lot of things about yourself that aren’t really true. You have just believed these things for so long, that they have become a part of your self-imposed identity. 

You identify yourself by the family you come from, the career you have, the material things you have, the sorority or social clubs you belong to….you get what I mean!


But do you truly prioritize and embrace who God says you are?

You're an ambitious woman, and you don't want to settle.  You want to be extraordinary both in your business and in your personal life. 


You have success in some areas, but aren't sure how to duplicate it in other areas of life. 

You know deep down inside that there is more for you to do, but you aren't clear on exactly what that means. 

You have so many amazing ideas, but you can't figure out what steps to take next to execute them.  

You spend time procrastinating and stuck in confusion.

"I don't know" and "I'll do it later" are you go to responses.  

You're so busy that you can't imagine how you could create more success without DOING more work or sacrificing something in your life. 

You feel like there is never enough time to do the things that are most important to you. 

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Really embraced and believed who God says you are, and learned how to take control of your life?

You wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and confused, or that you were settling for less in life. 

You wouldn’t allow your emotions and feelings dictate what you say and do – you would operate at a higher level that gives you joy, peace, and fulfillment.
You wouldn’t feel tired, burnt out, hopeless, unfulfilled, or exhausted from hustling and being everything to everybody!
In other words, you wouldn’t feel like you were seconds from going off on everyone or daydreaming about living someone else’s “perfect” life. You wouldn’t buy into that old myth that you can’t have it “all”. You would be actually living your best life – the one that you have been dreaming about for years, but never thought you could have.

let's start today!

So…if any of this is hitting a nerve –

guess what sis, coaching is for you! 

This is where I come in. Life coaching can and will change your life! I’m not being dramatic here – it will literally change your life. I’m not talking unicorns, butterflies and positive thoughts. I’m not even talking about acting like life doesn’t suck sometimes. I’m talking about REAL self-care here. Practical, useful, down to earth coaching that will meet you exactly where you are. 
I'll show you how to create a life that is filled with purpose, joy, growth and RESULTS. We'll map out what your TEN life looks like, so that you are rating every area a 10 out of 10. Then we'll get to working on making it happen - even if nothing or nobody else changes. 
You will finally be living a life that you thought was only possible in your dreams!
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Hi, I'm Dr. Krystal Conner

this one thing will change your entire life!

Imagine you and I sitting on a couch....together we are watching your brain - watching your thoughts.  I am simply making observations and pointing things out to you that have always been there that you have never seen or never paid attention to.  

I do all of this without judgement, and with the sole desire of helping you reach your biggest goals and dreams.  Together we clear the clutter out of your mind that is preventing you from being all that you were called to be. 

You’ve done everything “they” said you should do in order to have a good life, yet you look around at your day to day, and can’t help but think “Is this really all there is?”


You are ready for more in your life, but you aren’t quite sure of what the “more” is. 

You are ready to uncover the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward in life.

You are ready to “rewrite” your past and stop being defined by it.

You are ready to stop settling for less than God’s best for your life, and really have it ALL.

You are ready to be the generational curse breaker in your family and break long-standing destructive patterns. 

You are ready to go after your deepest dreams and desires and be an example of what is possible for the next generation.

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Why this is so important for you to fix as soon as possible....

On a larger scale, I believe that when women experience true healing, it fuels our motivation and ability to work together, to be purposeful, to be impactful, and to be accountable. When we take care of ourselves, we create an undeniable force of getting IT done in our families, communities and in the world. You playing it small doesn’t help anyone, when you were made for so much more. 
 It’s time for you to show up in the world as the phenomenal, amazing woman you know were made to be!
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