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I said to myself, “Okay, girl, God MUST have a purpose for you, and this ain’t it!”

I did everything I was told do to have a “good” life. I had the education, the career, the husband, kids and house – yet it still felt like something was missing. I felt like I was made to do more, but I had no idea what that meant, and no idea how to figure it out.


I felt overwhelmed and confused anytime I even thought about adding anything else to my already crowded plate. I feared I would drop the ball somewhere if I tried to really pursue my dream life in every area. 


I realized that even in my "success", I was still not at 10

when it came to my overall happiness. 

And after some deep self-examination, it was clear to me that I needed some serious work from the inside out. In all honesty, I knew my own "mess" was the real cause of me not experiencing joy, peace, and fulfillment. My own concept of who I was was preventing me from believing it was possible for me to "have it all" in every area of my life.  
I wasn't the woman I knew I could be, and I knew it was going to take more than prayer to get me back on the right path.

It's then that I realized that….

My thoughts created all of the results that I had in life.

All my thoughts caused me to feel a certain way. I acted on those feelings and ended up with results that I didn’t want. I never realized that because of that, ultimately my thoughts created my results. I knew the Bible says to “take every thought captive”, but I never considered that was literally the key to life. 

If I wanted to have better results, I had to examine my thoughts. Understand why I thought the way that I did and decide how I wanted to think moving forward. 

Changing my thoughts would change my results. 
I knew I would need help doing, and that is where I discovered life coaching.

but it wasn't until...

I found a life coach who was able to help me really go deeper that I truly experienced growth, change, and real transformation. 

She helped me clear out negative cycles of thoughts and behaviors which, for years, I held on to with a mean grip. She was able to show me thoughts and beliefs that I had that I was unaware of, and she challenged some of the thoughts I had that I just believed were true. Holding on to these untruths had been blocking me from really being able to live a purposeful, fulfilling life.
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So that you know all about the why behind my why...let’s work together to bring you the transformation of life!

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One on one attention to focus on reaching specific goals in four areas of life: Career, Relationships, Health, and Money. 
If you’re over settling for a less than amazing life, I'll show you how to take the next year to create the make the dream of your life in all areas. 

INVESTMENT: $15,000 for 12 months 

OR $10,000 for 6 months

*Payment plans available for both options

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The Dangerous Woman Society is a monthly group coaching program, that has the same focus as the 1:1 coaching with the added benefit of being in a group of like-minded women who are working towards the same goal. Membership is on a month to month basis

INVESTMENT: $99/month or $990 for 12 month

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