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What About Your Friends?

Are you finding it harder to keep in touch with friends between the demands of work, family,

and the daily grind? Do you reminisce about the days when friendships flourished with ease, wondering where the time for those meaningful connections has gone? If so, you're in the right place.

In this episode, we're not just acknowledging the struggle; we're tackling it head-on. We'll explore practical strategies for nurturing friendships that withstand the pressures of adult responsibilities. Because let's face it, as we navigate the complexities of maturity, career paths, and personal life, the balancing act never seems to end. Yet, amidst this chaos, the value of true friendship remains constant.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [01:43] Having friends is a tremendous part of having that 10 out of 10 dream life.

  • [02:08] How do we maintain friendships when adult duties monopolize all of our time?

  • [03:37] How do you prioritize communicating regularly and defining what regularly means for your friendship?

  • [04:37] Make the effort. Everyone is busy. Put it on your calendar and don't flake out.

  • [05:30] Plan an in-person meetup.

  • [07:54] Get a group of friends together and start planning your next gathering. Consider the quality of time you spend together.

  • [08:26] Make sure there's a safe space for open and honest communication. 

  • [10:31] Your willingness and their willingness to adjust roles will help maintain your friendships. Be mindful of what's going on in each other's life as you shift through life stages.

  • [11:32] You need to be willing to modify the time and frequency of communication without it altering your commitment to the friendship.

  • [12:07] Reciprocate efforts. Everyone has responsibilities. Don't leave the responsibility of maintaining the friendship on one person.

  • [14:10] Foster the relationships that are there for you and celebrate the small things. Also, be present for the hard times. The best friendships stand the test of time and the ups and downs of life.

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