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Redefining Joy with Pamela Pekerman

Pamela Pekerman is the creator of Hustle Like a Mom. She's a serial entrepreneur, branding and messaging coach, and the creator of the Edit to Expand Planner. She also has a community that empowers moms to move from mom life to entrepreneur life. She talks to the women who are mompreneurs between drop off and pick up time. She's a mother of two and understands the need for community and connection with like-minded women.

We dive into Pamela’s background and entrepreneurial journey. Pamela breaks down what she means by diversifying your joy. We talk about having it all and not comparing our all to other people’s all. We also learn about some misconceptions when it comes to being a mom. We also talk about planning and choosing specific goals for yourself that are realistic and practical. Pamela shares the importance of communities and so much more. If you're a mom and entrepreneur, this episode is for you.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:49] Pamela has always been an entrepreneur. She launched her first business while at NYU. In 2016, she was a traveling brand ambassador. She thought something felt off and had a conversation with herself.

  • [03:53] She realized the ambitions of her twenties were no longer serving her in her thirties. She started a YouTube series called Mommy Moments. She eventually rebranded to Hustle Like A Mom.

  • [08:08] Everyone needs to figure out what diversifying their joy looks like for themselves.

  • [08:36] You're doing a disservice to yourself if you don't allow yourself to explore the possibilities of diversifying your joy.

  • [09:30] Having it all is very custom and personalized. We get tripped up when comparing everyone else's all to our all.

  • [12:55] The comparison is never going to move you forward. It will always keep you stuck.

  • [19:34] Pamela shares how she does quarterly planning sessions with her community where they pick three goals that are very specific for them.

  • [23:33] Pamela shares that her community consists of full-time stay-at-home moms who have a business idea and women who have left their corporate jobs to pursue their side hustles.

  • [29:15] We learn how to engage in the Hustle Like a Mom community from a free newsletter to a Zoom meeting or in-person mingle. She also has a membership type community called the HLAM Inner Circle.

  • [32:26] The Edit to Expand Planner was picked up by Entrepreneur which was so exciting it made Pamela cry.

  • [34:08] Pamela wants to create ripples and possibilities for mom entrepreneurs.

  • [40:05] Pamela hopes to host a destination summit in the future. She wants it to last two days and keep the family vibe. She is also interested in a 12-woman retreat.

  • [41:59] Advice includes defining what amazing looks like for you as a mom and as an entrepreneur. Define what you value and what anchors your choices.

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