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Toxic Dream Entitlement

If you're feeling frustrated, because you can't quite reach your goals or make your dreams a reality, this episode is for you. We'll be talking about how toxic dream entitlement may be getting in your way and how to overcome it. Entitlement is defined as the belief that one is inherently deserving of privilege or special treatment.

There’s a lot of entitlement in our society today. A lot of it leans towards toxic entitlement. Thinking that we deserve something just because we want it is problematic. I’m going to talk about how toxic entitlement is holding us back and how to move beyond the entitlement trap.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:44] We are inundated with messages that say we deserve to have certain things just because we want them. We are inherently worthy, but not entitled.

  • [03:19] Thinking we deserve something just because we want it puts us in a position of entitlement. Feeling entitled can lead us to just sitting back and waiting.

  • [04:18] Once we feel entitled we start comparing and judging others. This makes it very difficult to see how our thoughts are what are actually getting in the way for us.

  • [04:57] There is a difference between toxic entitlement and having positive self-worth. We are all entitled to basic human decency and expect it.

  • [05:25] Toxic entitlement tells you that you deserve whatever you want without any reasoning behind it.

  • [05:38] The more subtle entitlement is that we are entitled to the motivation to reach our goals.

  • [06:12] We believe the excitement and hype when we first start a goal should stick around, and we're disappointed when it doesn't. . We're not entitled to motivation. We have to learn how to manufacture it.

  • [07:01] You can shift yourself out of toxic entitlement by acknowledging thoughts that keep you bound and stuck. You want to create positive sustainable momentum.

  • [07:42] Think thoughts that will help you become who you want to be. I'm becoming a successful businesswoman. I'm growing.

  • [08:17] Center your thoughts around the only thing you can control, which is you.

  • [09:26] Use motivation as a bonus emotion to commitment.

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