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From Good Girl to Dangerous Woman

It's time to untangle that self-concept of being a good girl and how it could be holding you back from doing and being who you are called to be. Last week in episode 35, I gave you some homework we will use for this episode. If you haven't listened to that episode, go back and do so.

We're going to talk about how the good girl mentality is likely stopping you from having the life you dream of. We're going to talk about how to uncover hidden dreams, so you can start taking the first steps towards creating the life you want to live. A life that feels fulfilling and purposeful. A life that you really love.

You might feel a little exposed if you did your homework last episode. You might feel like you're seeing yourself for the first time. You've challenged some of those long-standing beliefs about yourself, and now you have a new vision for yourself. We need to solidify your new vision. You spent years building those old thoughts and beliefs, and we don't want those beliefs creeping back in and holding you back.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:22] Part of upgrading and elevating your self-concept includes the undoing of the cultural indoctrination of the good girl.

  • [03:45] I'm writing a book that will probably have the same name as this podcast. One of the things that I discuss is this concept of society's good girl. I'm going to read an excerpt from my intro.

  • [05:07] Think about the dream for your life that you wrote out in your homework. Did you think about how you would be viewed by society, family, and friends? Does your role and position as a woman prevent you from achieving your dream?

  • [07:13] Are you people pleasing, pushing down your dreams, and creating boundaries? Treading water is expending effort to maintain one's status, but doesn't make much progress towards a goal.

  • [08:02] It's time to unravel that societal programming that tells us our dreams are only partially possible.

  • [08:25] Look at your dreams and see where the good girl in you is holding you back.

  • [10:40] Look at these thoughts that are holding you back. See them and know that they are optional.

  • [11:03] What would you do if you were a bad girl? What would you do if you were a dangerous woman?

  • [11:52] Go back to your homework and look for those thoughts that tell you why you can't fulfill your dreams. Find those thoughts that are holding you captive.

  • [13:30] Beliefs holding you back whether positive or negative are all under review here. Go back to the scenario in those four areas and take the limits off.

  • [14:22] If you do this work upfront, it makes things so much better when you start creating your dream life.

Links and Resources:

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