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Rest Resistance

When we incorporate more rest into our lifestyle, we become more productive and better at achieving our goals, yet it can be difficult for us to rest. I’m going to dive into the how and why of rest resistance and what we can do to become a dangerous and rested woman.

It’s time to stop being so busy. It’s time to stop that vicious cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm. It’s time to discover what our subconscious is really telling us about stopping to rest. Once we know our thoughts, we have to endure the discomfort of taking time out and all that goes with it.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:34] Superwoman mentality. Where we believe that we can do it all and be at all for everyone.

  • [02:00] The list of who we are goes on and on, and we want to make sure that we're the best at everything all of the time. This can lead to a vicious cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm.

  • [03:45] Putting our own heart's desires off year after year, prevents us from the fullness of being who we really are.

  • [04:39] Learning how to rest is an important step that we can't avoid. In order to rest, we need to dismantle all of the thoughts that we have about resting versus hustle.

  • [04:54] What are your subconscious thoughts? What do you think about rest? What do you think about women who rest? What would you think about yourself if you were genuinely to rest?

  • [06:47] Once you understand your thoughts about rest and what it means to you, you can redefine it.

  • [07:28] Burnout isn't the quickest way to reach your goal. Intentionally set aside time to do something for yourself.

  • [08:33] Find something that you enjoy doing that doesn't require you to be or do anything in particular. Practice thinking that rest is the way to achieve even more.

  • [08:57] The more you rest and restore, the more you can do.

  • [09:13] Your homework for this week is to rest. Do not overcomplicate it.

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