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Overcoming Fatigue And Burnout With Happy Hormones With Chrissy Williams

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Chrissy Williams is a registered dietician and holistic healing advocate. She discovered her dangerous woman calling by overcoming burnout and adrenal fatigue for herself. Now her focus is helping other women achieve functional health. She emphasizes the importance of listening to your body and the dangers of placing too much emphasis on weight.

We discuss balancing hormones and finding the functional root cause of aligning with feminine energy. This episode is perfect for women who feel tired, burnt out, or out of balance. We dive into building a healthy foundation for health and well-being.

In her practice, Chrissy offers assessments, such as blood and hormone tests, and emphasizes the benefits of nutrition and movement. She also talks about balancing different aspects of life and the importance of paying attention to how foods make you feel. Chrissy also mentions her upcoming Happy Hormone Bootcamp and her vision to turn her business into a wellness company and brand to create a legacy for her sons.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:23] Chrissy became a registered dietician in 2018. She became a corporate director of wellness. After starting a family, all of the travel didn't work for her anymore.

  • [04:32] She was burnt out and going through her own journey. She also took functional courses on women's health. Her adrenals were burnt out and her gut was a mess.

  • [05:48] In 2020, she decided to help other women on their functional health journeys.

  • [06:14] She now works virtually with women helping with hormones and adrenal issues.

  • [07:33] The most significant piece of misinformation is that people put too much emphasis on weight. Everyone's needs are different.

  • [12:05] Diet and health can be confusing, it's great that Chrissy is making everything so clear.

  • [13:13] Chronic fatigue and feeling like something is off is a huge problem that clients have.

  • [14:43] A great starting assessment is blood tests and hair and mineral tests. Chrissy also does hormone and gut testing. Then start with the basics of nutrition and movement.

  • [18:39] Benefits of listening to your body. Nutrition doesn't need to be complicated.

  • [19:00] Chrissy talks about how to care for yourself during hormonal cycles and aspects of cycle syncing.

  • [22:40] During her corporate career, Chrissy felt out of tune. Health is a journey not a destination. When she began to choose how to live her life, she started feeling better.

  • [25:37] Chrissy talks about balance. It's not going to be steady. It's okay to have one tilt as long as you don't forget about the others.

  • [27:03] To start to feel better right now, start prioritizing your meals. Don't skip meals. Pay more attention to how the foods make you feel.

  • [28:34] Happy Hormone Bootcamp will build the basics of health with groups and one-on-one coaching. The next one opens in March. We can get to the bottom of why you may not be feeling well.

  • [31:49] Chrissy has a dream of turning her business into a huge wellness company and brand. She also wants to create a legacy for her sons.

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