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Feeling Feelings

We are talking about girl boss energy gone wrong. I'm going to show you how learning to feel and process your emotions will help you reach your goals faster than ever imagined. I love the idea of being a boss, but as women, we need to be able to embrace our full range of emotions.

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Episode Highlights:

  • [02:53] A girl boss is a woman who is self-made and acts as her own boss. The issue I have with the movement is the image that usually accompanies a girl boss. Someone being bossy, overpowering, independent, forceful, strong, confident, but almost emotionless.

  • [03:23] A dangerous woman may be all of these things, but she is also a woman who doesn't ignore her emotions. She's a woman, not a girl, who has feelings.

  • [05:09] We process what we are feeling. We don't pretend that it doesn't hurt. Dangerous women process their feelings and then help the women around them to do the same.

  • [07:06] We can't outrun our feelings. A girl boss can be trapped in the image that she presents to the world.

  • [08:42] Negative feelings are just as warranted as positive feelings. Leaning into your feelings can change your life.

  • [09:16] The more you accept and allow negative emotions, the more you expand and allow positive emotions.

  • [11:20] We can't outrun our feelings. Learning how to identify, manage, and process our emotions will change our lives.

  • [11:47] Processing emotions. This is allowing yourself to feel the emotion and choosing to feel it on purpose.

  • [12:57] An example of processing disappointment. First, allow the feeling to be there. Watch and notice.

  • [15:33] As you watch a notice, your thoughts about the situation will become more clear.

  • [17:21] How can you accept the process with love and grace for other people? Process it and own it. Begin to let it go.

  • [18:18] As time passes, you'll gain more clarity of the circumstance that allowed the initial feeling to begin with.

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