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2 Reasons You're Not Winning

Goals are hard. It's almost October, and the holiday season is coming. Maybe you haven't quite accomplished what you were hoping for, but there's always next year. After reflecting on 2022, perhaps you are ready to give up for the rest of the year and focus on starting over in 2023. Not so fast! It's time for some tough love.

If you are in an end-of-the-year rut, this episode will help you see why you aren't winning, find a way to start winning and finish the year off right. Your brain may tell you it's time to take the easy way out and start fresh again next year. Dangerous women don't give up. I will tell you why you have these feelings and how to overcome them and finish this year strong!

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:26] Dangerous women don't go with the status quo and the norm. We aren't giving up and starting again next year. We aren't quitting before the finish line.

  • [03:50] This year we aren't quitting, we aren't taking a break, we aren't waiting for next year.

  • [04:03] We're going to go all in! We're hitting the gas pedal when it comes to working towards our goals at the end of this year. We don't hustle. We consistently walk down our goal.

  • [04:40] The reason your brain is offering you a break until next year is that number one your focus is off and number two you don't have accountability.

  • [05:18] Take this as a moment to reflect and gain awareness as to where you are.

  • [05:48] Let's celebrate others and adopt an I'm next mentality. If you feel anger or jealousy allow it, but don't stay there.

  • [06:54] The fight with reality. You aren't further along. You worked as much as you did and this is where you are.

  • [07:31] Think about actions you take from jealousy or disappointment or any other negative emotions.

  • [08:27] It's time to work towards your goals in a healthy way.

  • [09:26] When you find yourself comparing, look at the thoughts and examine them then make a decision about how long you're going to let yourself be ruled by those emotions.

  • [10:06] Accountability is when you tell the whole story. The whole dream that terrifies you. Not having strong accountability can be detrimental. This means someone who will actually hold you accountable.

  • [11:50] If investing in accountability scares you, that means you should do it. When you're paying someone to hold your feet to the fire, you are more likely to follow through.

  • [12:29] Your coach will hold your vision up for you even when you're scared. They'll fight for you so that you won't quit.

  • [13:29] Accountability when you are ready for it is an absolute game-changer.

  • [15:00] Don't be afraid to invest money and time into this process. What is more valuable than your growth, peace, and mind?

  • [15:59] Some of you are ready for the next step of having someone hold you accountable.

  • [16:25] I'm hosting a free virtual class in October. Leave a review and send me a message, and I'll send you an invitation.

  • [16:54] I'm also announcing a game-changing program for a small group of women who are serious about hitting their goals in career, health, relationships, and money. If you are interested in one of the spots, send me a DM or sign up on the waitlist.

  • [17:45] I'm also expanding my one-on-one coaching.

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