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Turning 2022 Failures Into 2023 Superpowers

It's time for that end-of-the-year wrap-up. Were there some things you planned but didn't get done? If so don't worry, because it's time to turn your 2022 failures into your 2023 superpowers.

What if you spent 365 days focused on solely making your dream a reality? This is what we’re going to do in The Dangerous Woman Mastermind The Year of You.

You and nine other women will spend an entire year focusing on your biggest goals, along with deep-level coaching, support, and massive amounts of action and accountability. We start in January and registration to join the group is open now.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:23] Going into the new year with the heavyweight of failure will hinder your upcoming momentum.

  • [03:14] What went right this year? Write out everything from personal to professional. Dig deep.

  • [04:31] Don't miss your wins, celebrate them.

  • [05:11] Write out what didn't go right in 2022. Do it objectively and from a place of confidence. Everything you put in your answer about what didn't go right needs to be things that you had control over.

  • [07:04] Notice what came up. Is your what went wrong list longer than your what went right list?

  • [07:54] What am I going to do differently in 2023? What will you do differently for each thing that went wrong or didn't work out as you wanted it to?

  • [08:41] Focus on the intention that you will approach the wrong list in 2023. You may remove goals that no longer align or decide to approach something differently.

  • [09:27] List specific actions. You want to create a mindset shift that will serve you for the rest of your life.

  • [10:01] If you look at each year as a building block to the next year, you'll be able to accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams.

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