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The Breakthrough with Kristina Knapp

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I’m so excited to have my friend and coach, Kristina Knapp, back on the show. In last week’s episode, I mentioned my new show, 'The Breakthrough,' which premieres on October 30th. Kristina is featured in the pilot episode. Today, I connect with Kristina, and we discuss the show, her experience, and her breakthroughs.

Kristina is very confident. However, being confident enough to learn and present a dance performance was a challenge she chose to work through. We talk about the challenges that arise from last-minute changes. We also share some behind-the-scenes experiences and discuss what having a true breakthrough feels like.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:21] We talk about why Kristina said yes to being on the show.

  • [04:30] Kristina always wanted to sing and dance. She loves watching dance videos. Dancing is cool. She wanted that confidence that was connected to her body.

  • [07:10] Kristina is confident in most aspects of her life. She struggled with serious performance.

  • [09:21] Kristina was going to learn salsa and give a performance. The instructor/partner canceled at the very last minute.

  • [11:29] We learn how Kristina felt when her dance was changed from Salsa to Hip Hop, and her male instructor is now a female.

  • [14:00] Did I want to hide or really show up as my highest self and go for it? Kristina wanted it to be the best day of her life.

  • [15:17] Kristina had to learn a dance in 45 minutes.

  • [16:01] Kristina shares her reaction when she met her new dance instructor.

  • [17:35] There were hundreds of people and a few surprises thrown in.

  • [18:42] This was a very challenging opportunity for her to stay in her power.

  • [19:07] After she was done, it was no big deal. Which is an accurate description of how it feels after you face your fears.

  • [19:20] Fear is now a green flag for Kristina.

  • [20:01] She's now being pitched for a show. She's writing a book, and launching a podcast. Feeling the fear means you better go for it.

  • [22:26] She also discovered a huge appreciation for her body.

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