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Resolving Resentment

Have you ever felt resentment for a person or situation? I’m going to guess you have. I know I sure have. That’s why I’m diving into how to let go of resentment, so you can be at peace with yourself and all of your relationships. We know that resentment is being angry or holding a grudge against something or someone. It’s time to let it go and have peace in your life.

Like all of our feelings, resentment starts and ends with our thoughts. We might think that it’s the other person or thing that’s making us have these feelings, but it’s not. Even though it may feel completely justified to hold on to these feelings. I’m going to share a method to let go of those thoughts that are having a negative impact on your life.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:48] Resentment starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts about a circumstance or something that was said or done.

  • [03:08] You are the one that holds the power. Don't give your power away to someone else, believing that you're resentful because of them.

  • [03:26] You hold the power as to whether you are resentful or not. It is absolutely optional.

  • [04:49] Holding on to resentment can turn into anger, bitterness and settle in your subconscious by repeating the pattern for years.

  • [05:14] Thoughts can drive feelings of resentment. That feeling drives actions. Those actions give you the results that you are having in your life. If you don't like your results, you have to look at the thoughts.

  • [07:34] Resentment creates an impact. When you harbor resentment, you are hyper focused on that person or situation.

  • [09:00] Are you resentful towards a person or situation thinking that it's their fault you feel that way? The truth is you are the one keeping you locked up.

  • [10:01] Allow yourself to feel resentment if it's there. You did what you thought was the right thing in that situation. If you transfer your resistance from someone else to yourself, acknowledge, feel it, and then free yourself.

  • [11:42] The feeling of resentment isn't going to drive you to take actions that you want.

  • [11:56] Write out the thoughts you have about the person or situation you feel resentful about. Identify the ones that make you feel resentful when you think about it. This requires sitting, thinking and feeling.

  • [12:26] Pick the thought that immediately triggers resentment. What do you do or not do because of the resentment? What results do you get from that?

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