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Owning your Money with Belinda Rosenblum

I’m so excited about today’s show. I am talking to a fantastic and amazing guest. You know I’ve been talking a lot about mindset. This episode is about leveling-up your money mindset and ending those limiting beliefs that hold so many of us back when it comes to what we are worth and what we charge. Being a dangerous woman and living the life that you love includes dealing with and understanding money. This means discovering and getting rid of our money mindset blocks. Linda Rosenblum is a CPA and profit strategist.

She helps busy coaches and experts sustainably scale their revenue and profits by up-leveling their financial systems and strategies and stepping into the CEO role with her signature Cash Flow CEO Accelerator course. She is also a coach and the author of Self-Worth To Net Worth: 12 Keys To Creating Wealth Inside And Out, a book about creating wealth inside and out. Whether you're an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, Belinda can help. There’s so much goodness in this podcast that I want you guys to listen to this episode from beginning to end and take notes! Then we can discuss how we can all be dangerous wealthy women.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:35] Money is a tool to help us achieve the things that we want. We need to welcome money, not treat it like a burden.

  • [06:10] Even if our conscious efforts are trying to do something different, oftentimes our unconscious efforts will create the same thing. This is frequently true with money.

  • [06:42] Belinda shares how she was overwhelmed with money responsibility when she was 28. It turns out if you avoid bills, they just keep coming.

  • [07:11] She worked on her mindset and her tactics and strategy. She needed a system to deal with her finances and avoid overwhelm.

  • [07:50] The more that we feel we can own our money, the less we are owned by it.

  • [08:57] She figured things out and became a self-made millionaire at 33 years old. She then had a midlife crisis at 35 years old.

  • [09:30] After a sabbatical, she started her business Own Your Money.

  • [09:42] In 2019, she pivoted to help small business owners more.

  • [11:38] Her book is Self-Worth To Net Worth: 12 Keys To Creating Wealth Inside And Out. She really wanted to understand why money is so hard for everyone.

  • [13:10] If we have a belief about something, we want to be right. Our brains will keep finding reasons to keep doing what we believe. We aren't taking money at face value as a means of exchange.

  • [14:11] Money is a way to achieve our goals. It doesn't have to have so much emotion and self-worth on it.

  • [15:04] Money gives us choices and options.

  • [17:07] We need to prioritize profit, not just revenue. When people pay they pay attention.

  • [19:45] We think we're doing people a favor by under charging, but they won't see our worth with low prices. Charging higher prices will make your customers show up differently.

  • [20:43] We layer our limited beliefs onto money. Belinda teaches to find the space where you can be more black and white around your numbers and remove the emotion.

  • [21:07] Put your business revenue and accounting profit on paper.

  • [27:59] We need to become aware of our limiting beliefs around money. Most of the time, we make poor decisions about money because we don't have the facts.

  • [31:28] We need to separate our own worthiness from how our business or bank account is doing.

  • [32:04] We need to decide what we need to earn and what we're willing to ask for. No one else is going to step up for us.

  • [35:18] Step into being a dangerous woman who can be safe with money.

  • [38:23] A part of our money entanglement is thinking that we have to work harder to make money. What if we believe that the less we work the more we make? Do the right things as opposed to all of the things.

  • [40:01] A solopreneur will be the overworked employee in their business until they learn to become the CEO.

  • [41:21] Cash Flow Ceo Accelerator is a 4-month program for female experts and coaches to scale their revenue and profits by upleveling their financial foundation, systems, strategies and role as CEO.

  • [43:40] People who want to make a big impact need the coach, community, and team that goes along with that.

  • [44:14] The program is for people who are on track to 100K. It's for experts and coaches.

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