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Mandatory Excellence with Logan Speaker

Logan Speaker is a coaching client, a friend, and an amazing wife and mother. I’m happy to have her on the show today to talk about her coaching experience, mindset shift, and how excellence no longer became optional for her. Logan has been a realtor for the past five years and is already in the top 10% and still moving up. She is also friends with my client and previous guest, Kristina Knapp. If you haven’t listened to this episode, check it out. It’s a great one.

The transformation that Logan has had is truly inspirational. She stopped living as if her dreams were an option and now operates in mandatory excellence. She lives life as the best version of herself, which makes her a dangerous woman. She has had a mindset shift that has made her personal life, family life, and career life a dream life. She now feels powerful and strong. If you are ready to love your dream life, these concepts can work for you also.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:32] Before Logan started coaching, she felt defeated, stuck in a vicious cycle, and stagnant.

  • [06:46] Logan noticed changes in Kristina Knapp due to her life coaching, and it sparked her interest in finding a dream life coach.

  • [10:11] When you start changing your life and mindset, people see the changes, and they want to start doing the same thing.

  • [11:15] Beginning with her first coaching call, Logan poured out her heart about what the dream life looked like to her.

  • [12:32] The dreamlife that Logan has received through her work with Krystal includes life flowing easily and not feeling forced. Everything comes to her naturally. Her mindset is clear and she's not hung up on certain emotions or people.

  • [13:24] She's also focusing more on herself and has better flow and work balance. She also shows up and is a better mother now.

  • [15:30] Logan didn't want excellence to be optional, she already had too many options in her life. It's okay to have feelings but make what you want not an option.

  • [19:06] Many of the things that Logan wanted to do became successful, because they weren't options.

  • [20:26] Krystal's aha moment was when she was able to not get annoyed or go off on her husband. She would let the feelings bubble up and then say "so what" and move on.

  • [25:19] What makes you dangerous is when you're aware of the mindset behind what you do.

  • [26:02] There's a trickle-down effect. When you respond differently, others respond differently. Change your mindset.

  • [27:37] When you do the work, it starts to rub off on people. Nothing has to change in order for you to be happy or at peace.

  • [29:14] Logan's advice would be to talk to a coach and remember that excellence is not an option. Having what you want isn't an option, it's actually your choice whether you want to create it or not.

  • [30:54] Having a renewed mindset and being able to think about things and process them makes Logan feel powerful.

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