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Learning To Love Your Body With Charmaine Platon

Charmaine Platton is a certified life and weight loss coach. She is also a registered nurse who spent eight years working as a nurse at UCLA. She was doing well and making money, but she didn’t feel happy or fulfilled. She didn’t want to treat illness; she wanted to get to the root cause of the problem. She was interested in fitness and started working as a personal trainer. She was struggling with self-doubt and noticed similar patterns in her clients. She looked for information and answers on Google and discovered a podcast that changed her life. She now empowers busy women to find the self-love they need to succeed.

If you have ever struggled with weight loss, emotional eating, or thinking that your body isn’t good enough, this episode is for you. Charmaine is a fantastic guest, truly beautiful, and a dangerous woman. She walks us through her struggles and how she became a coach. She explains why it’s essential to work on self-concept instead of just food and calories. We learn a little bit about her three-month program and how it focuses on helping women become friends with their bodies and trust their own choices after a reset. She is so fun and bubbly that you will enjoy this inspirational episode.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:56] Charmaine was a registered nurse at UCLA for eight years. She didn't feel fulfilled, and she also felt like she wasn't making the impact that she wanted to make. She wanted to help at the root level.

  • [04:03] She was also dealing with some personal struggles and Googled self-doubt and ended up finding a podcast that helped her realize that she wanted to be a life coach.

  • [08:23] Charmaine experienced self-doubt when she was a personal trainer. She still felt bad, even though she had left her nursing job. She started exploring the reason why she was feeling insecurity and doubt.

  • [10:00] After becoming a life and weight loss coach, Charmaine started helping women entrepreneurs who want to lose weight. Many of the women don't feel confident, because they've gained weight or suffer from emotional eating.

  • [11:43] What makes Charmaine's coaching different is that she focuses on self-concept as opposed to just weight loss.

  • [13:04] Do I really love my body? When you don't love something, you don't treat it well.

  • [14:54] Charmaine shares her frustrations with diet culture and how it makes people that they can't trust themselves with food choices.

  • [17:05] Her group coaching program is a three-month process. In the beginning, she does make recommendations about what to eat. She also wants people to be friends with their body and be comfortable with their body.

  • [18:20] A one-month reset of cutting sugar and starch is helpful to discover what hunger and fullness feel like, then it's time to do the work on how clients feel about themselves.

  • [19:58] See how you eat as choices that you're making that are not right or wrong. Decisions have outcomes. When you make a decision, accept the outcome that comes with it. Be kind to yourself.

  • [23:39] If Charmaine could change one thing about diet culture, it would be for everything not to be so externally driven such as weight or looks. Stop depending on external validation.

  • [24:14] Validate and love yourself internally. Love what you have now.

  • [25:17] Charmaine shares one of her favorite client success stories. By the end of the three months, this client had changed her relationship with herself. She learned to love herself more and lost weight.

  • [27:25] The biggest quick tip is to do an audit of how you think about yourself. Decide how you want to think about yourself. Are you a Ferrari or a Corolla? Decide to be the Ferrari and see how it goes.

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