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Informed Decisions

This podcast is officially one year old. The first episode aired on December 6th of last year. I'm grateful for each and everyone of you who've taken your precious time and listened to this show. This week I'm talking about decision making.

A lot of people struggle with making powerful concise decisions. I’m going to talk about the three types of decision makers and what you can do to make sure your decision making isn’t holding you back from achieving your goals.

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Episode Highlights:

[02:30] There are three types of decision makers including the non decision makers, I need to research more decision makers, and the I'm going to do this decision maker.

[02:54] We can also fluctuate between these three categories.

[03:05] I don't know, has to be one of the most protective sentences that our brain can serve up to us. It's a one way ticket to nowhere until you do know.

[03:48] We lean on I don't know, because our brains don't like to be wrong.

[04:05] The only way to escape this trap is to make a decision and forge ahead anyway. Fear of failure is what holds us back.

[05:24] Instead of saying failure, think of it as an unintended outcome.

[06:09] I need to do more research or have more time to think about it. The problem comes in when we use our past to inform our present decisions. If you're looking to grow, you can't make decisions based on the same things that you always have.

[10:02] How would you show up differently if you thought of yourself as someone who makes powerful, strong decisions?

[11:59] I'm going to do this decision makers. This is where you trust yourself so much that you move forward in confidence. This is where you operate in the do it afraid energy.

[12:44] This is a place that you can only get to through time as you build your trust muscles.

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