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Incomplete Goals

It’s the time of year when things start moving fast. If you are someone who didn’t hit your yearly goals, this episode is for you. I’m diving into what to do when you're not going to hit your annual goals. It’s time to take a look at where you’re at in relation to your goal. Examine the process, but don’t judge.

I talk about focusing on the things that you have control over and looking at whether you still have a chance to achieve that goal. If it’s still possible, make a revised list of what you need to do and who you need to be to make it happen. I also walk you through what to do if you know you’re not going to be able to reach your goal this year and how to shift into action and solution mode.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:11] We are less than 90 days away from 2024.

  • [02:00] Look at the distance between your goal and where you are now. What did you want to accomplish and complete? Examine the gold process and you.

  • [04:12] When you think about the goal that you haven't yet reached, what thoughts come up about you? Make note of whatever comes up. Write it down.

  • [04:52] Include the things that you have control over.

  • [05:22] Is there a fighting chance that you might still actually be able to achieve that goal?

  • [06:26] If you see a clear path, take your list of what went wrong and turn it into a list of what you should be doing now.

  • [07:12] If there is no clear path, settle in your mind that the goal won't be reached.

  • [08:14] If you won't reach your goal this year, ask, now what?

  • [08:29] Shift your focus off of all of the feelings of sadness, anger, or disappointment to propel you into action and solution mode.

  • [09:00] After asking, now what, it's time to revise your action plan. You're not changing the goal, you're just changing the timeline.

  • [10:14] Look at your why during the examination process and make sure you are still in alignment with this particular goal.

  • [12:28] Spend some time working through these questions and examine your goal and yourself.

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