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How to Stop Quitting

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

If you're in a chronic pattern of starting and stopping when trying to implement new changes in your life, this episode is for you. We will get out of the start/stop cycle and stop quitting for good. Have you ever envisioned your perfect day? The one where you get up early and read, meditate, exercise, and have me time before everyone else is up.

You read about it, plan it, schedule it and wake up with good intentions, but it never gets off the ground or is short-lived. Do you need motivation, inspiration, or more information? You might, but the mindset and self-concept really prevent us from following through with what we want. Today, I will walk you through leveling up your self-concept and getting rid of negative beliefs.

Episode Highlights:

  • [04:26] You have big plans to get up early and have the perfect routine that results in the ideal day, but you end up falling back into old habits and going through the cycle of starting and stopping your excellent new practice.

  • [04:40] You spend money on self-help books, YouTube videos, and even buy courses. You might even hire a coach. In theory, having someone holding you accountable should make a habit stick, but it doesn't always work that way.

  • [05:23] If you don't believe that you're the person who actually does these habits you want to implement, your self-concept won't allow them to happen.

  • [06:04] As soon as your accountability partner isn't around, your old programming will kick in.

  • [06:48] The real work is not in the action. The real work is leveling up your self-concept to match that of a woman who embodies the habits you want. A woman who does these things because of who she is.

  • [06:55] It always comes back to your self-concept and who you believe you are.

  • [07:33] Pick one habit that you want to work on. Ask and answer these questions. How does a woman with this habit behave? Write down the answers. What's the mindset?

  • [08:31] What thoughts do I have now that are the opposite of what I want to think, and how do they impact my behavior?

  • [09:18] What are the challenges to these thoughts? Line them up like a defense attorney.

  • [10:40] Your goals aren't optional. You need to challenge your negative thoughts and remind yourself how to rebut those thoughts.

  • [12:04] After you've done your mindset work, then you get to decide how you're going to build these habits into your day.

  • [12:37] It's not Magic. It's not a miracle. It's the mindset. It's you finally leaning into your version of a dangerous woman.

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