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How to pick your BIG 2023 Goal

We made it! It's the last Monday of 2022. It's time to talk about how to pick your 2023 BIG Goal! This episode is for anyone who wants to consistently set and achieve goals. We're talking about setting goals and having the mindset to see them through to the end.

What if you spent 365 days focused on solely making your dream a reality? This is what we’re going to do in The Dangerous Woman Mastermind The Year of You.

You and nine other women will spend an entire year focusing on your biggest goals, along with deep-level coaching, support, and massive amounts of action and accountability. We start in January and registration to join the group is open now.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:45] Setting goals gives us focus and intention.

  • [03:05] Consider a few things. The best part of setting and going after a goal isn't in the achievement of the goal. The best part is who you become in the process.

  • [05:07] Step into the mindset of becoming a goal-achieving woman.

  • [05:25] 1. Start from a place of abundance. Never pick a goal from a lack of something or a place of scarcity.

  • [06:03] An abundance exercise where you write things that you now have and things that you want and don't have.

  • [07:05] 2. Think about the 365 days that are available to you in 2023. What would feel amazing to have accomplished by the end of 2023?

  • [09:00] If other people's opinions didn't matter what would you do? Would you choose the same goal if other people's opinions didn't matter?

  • [10:26] Focus on who you need to be before you start outlining your actions.

  • [11:07] Write your big goal out very clearly and specifically. Write it out as if it already happened. If you say it out loud, your brain believes you.

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