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How Painful Growth Led To Astronomical Success w/Kristina Knapp

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with a life coach? For the next few episodes, I will be talking with some of my clients about what it's like to have a life coach. You get to hear first-hand what it's like working on mindset and changing lives. My first guest is an amazing, dangerous woman, Kristina Knapp. She's the founder of Elixir Media Co, a multiple six-figure business run with a staff full of amazing, dangerous women.

Kristina has been working with me for the past year. She's put in the work to be the best version of herself, and the transformation is nothing short of phenomenal. We have a conversation about all the things coaching. We talk about the struggles that all of us have, including overcoming unworthiness. We talk about living our best lives on our terms. Please listen, take notes, and follow Kristina and the other incredible women I get to speak with. Most importantly, I hope you walk away motivated and inspired to become that dangerous woman you know you are.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:11] Kristina is one of my most favorite people. We are friends and each other's clients.

  • [05:58] Even though it looked like everything was great, Kristina was miserable on the inside. She felt lost in terms of direction.

  • [10:22] A great life coach can see things that you can't necessarily see.

  • [11:52] Krystal helped Kristina realize her income goals. She was making around $100,000 and wanted to make at least $350,000 by working on mindset, she was able to hit that goal.

  • [13:34] Kristina also started to move differently through her everyday life when she began coaching. After a few months, she felt like she was on vacation every day, and it was all because of her thoughts.

  • [16:52] Define what the dream life is for you and work towards it every day. Kristina kicked boxes to the side.

  • [20:07] Kristina would write things on sticky notes and put them in places as reminders. The old programming was so strong that the reminders really helped her.

  • [21:51] Growth isn't about always being happy. It's about how you come back from things that could bring you down. Flip the script quickly.

  • [23:26] The negative feeling may be there, but it's learning not to respond to it and just kind of process it and bounce back instead of wallowing in it.

  • [27:11] It can be painful to let go of pieces of yourself. Even if you don't like who you are, it's comfortable where you're at. Letting go can be painful.

  • [28:17] You may have to mourn those pieces of you that you used as a shield. Once on the other side, you can love and appreciate those parts of you, but you don't have to go back.

  • [30:23] You have to shed those parts of you that don't serve you.

  • [33:18] So what! Can be a favorite saying to apply to things. So what if you fail or people think you're weird or whatever.

  • [38:34] When you do work on you, there's a ripple effect. It trickles down to your family, your clients, and everyone around you.

  • [39:04] Being willing to grow leads to amazing results.

  • [40:24] Find a way to accept and love the darkest parts of you. This was a big game-changer for Kristina. She became the best wife and greatest friend and best mom.

  • [43:22] Commit to being a student of yourself and understanding yourself. Make a decision to be better today than you were yesterday.

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