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Graceful Transitions

Welcome to Season 2. I hope you had a great summer and took some time to exhale. I’m so excited to continue on this journey of growth and self-awareness with you. Today, we are talking about graceful transitions and the challenges that arise with change and different life seasons.

We talk about acknowledging your emotions and writing down best and worst-case scenarios. We cover focusing on best-case actions while still allowing your emotions to come like a wave and allowing yourself to grieve during times of change. Make a decision to move through it and don’t weigh yourself down with guilt.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:44] I've had some significant changes happen over the summer. I even sent my oldest child off to college.

  • [02:13] There's no right way to go through a major transition. The goal is to thrive and grow through the experience.

  • [02:56] When we start to experience change we are either filled with questions or fear. This is normal. Instead of panicking, lean into it and accept it.

  • [03:55] Our brains seem to gravitate towards the worst-case scenario. Even though it seems counterintuitive, allow your brain the space to go there.

  • [04:40] What would you do if the worst-case scenario happened? What would you do if the best-case scenario happened?

  • [06:09] Life isn't perfect. Humans experience it. If we're wise, we learn and grow from it. The way that you think about life change will drive the way that you feel about it.

  • [06:38] The actions I take when thinking about the worst-case scenario are not going to give me the results that I want.

  • [07:12] If you try to choose the best of what could happen, you'll be able to make the best case when the bumps in the road come along.

  • [07:27] Think about the best and worst case and then make a conscious choice to focus on the best.

  • [07:52] Graceful means that you continue and you don't stop. We often want to skip to the good part where we feel better. All of our emotions are necessary.

  • [08:59] Allow yourself to experience your emotions like a wave.

  • [09:40] When change happens, there needs to be an allowance for a period of grieving.

  • [11:08] We don't have to add guilt into the mix by thinking we are wrong for feeling our emotions.

  • [12:16] I share a client story where she wracked herself with tremendous guilt. Keep in mind that our choices don't negate our feelings.

  • [14:12] I want you to know that it's okay to feel whatever you feel about your life changes.

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