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Dreaming Big with Charlene Keys Bowen

My friend Charlene Keys Bowen is my first guest in the How To Be A Dangerous Woman Interview Series. I’ll be talking every other week with a woman who is doing amazing things in her field and making change in her industry. I couldn’t imagine a better guest than my friend and mentor Charlene. She's the principal author and visionary behind The Women We Watched book series.

She's the founder of DreamBee Foundation with a mission to stop child abuse and neglect by promoting resilient families and advocating for policies and practices that strengthen economic support for families. Charlene is the owner of Ascend Studios Luxury Salon Suites and a United States Air Force Veteran.

She also spent 25 years in the telecommunications industry and was recognized as one of the most powerful women in cable and one of the most influential minorities in cable. She left to follow her passion to inspire communities to eradicate child abuse and neglect. She's also manifesting her lifelong desire for entrepreneurship. I’ve always been inspired by Charlene’s story, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:02] Charlene shares why she was on a mission to eradicate child abuse. She wants to inspire a generation to stop child abuse before it starts.

  • [06:04] Krystal shares a story where Charlene gracefully shut down a know-it-all who was talking over everyone in their MBA group.

  • [07:12] Charlene talks about her mom and her incredible confidence. She nurtured everything she could in Charlene. She nurtured self-awareness and self-confidence. She is the inspiration for Charlene's book series The Women We Watched.

  • [09:10] Charlene's father also played an important role in her confidence and development. He solidified her quiet confidence.

  • [12:41] We learn how being impacted by someone's story is what created the shift in Charlene's life.

  • [13:59] DreamBee Foundation is her total commitment for good.

  • [15:31] It required faith to create her foundation. She just kept moving. She was named woman to watch in the cable industry, and she gave a speech about her mom. She then decided to write the book. Charlene trusts the direction of her life.

  • [18:05] When she needs to clear her head, Charlene will take a drive. We have to be okay when others don't see our vision.

  • [19:51] Her next big dream is a million-plus pollinators across the country or people who are committed to changing the course of things.

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