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Chasing Happy

If you ask someone what they want most in life, they will say they want to be happy. We all want happiness. I’ve talked about how our thoughts create our feelings, and these feelings create our actions which produce the results we get. Problems arise when we are chasing happiness. If only I get that promotion, find my true love, or get a fancy new car, I’ll be happy. It doesn’t work like that.

Happiness isn’t external. Other people aren’t the ones who have control over our happiness. It’s time to maintain that dangerous woman lifestyle and live a life of fullness, joy, purpose, and, yes, happiness. We need to feel our feelings and open ourselves up to expand our ability to receive. I’m going to share how to do this and enable you to find happiness regardless of your life circumstances.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:39] As a society, we have been conditioned to think if we're not happy there's something wrong.

  • [04:17] Holding on to the belief that other people affect your happiness will keep you stuck.

  • [04:47] We often think we need people to act a certain way for us to be happy. That isn't the case.

  • [05:23] No matter what you may think, none of us has the power to control anyone. In the long run, trying to control people creates toxic relationships.

  • [06:00] Your thoughts are what drive your feelings.

  • [07:14] Everything we do is because of our feelings. The Compound effect of our actions will be a result of our feelings.

  • [08:11] Examine your thoughts about whatever's making you feel unhappy.

  • [08:49] Think about a part of your life that you are attributing unhappiness to and write out all your thoughts. Every aspect and don't get it.

  • [09:07] Examine each thought. Is it true? Does it matter? What are alternatives to this thought? Is it helpful? Is it serving you?

  • [09:32] Decide on your intentional thinking and take action from there. Intentional thoughts create feelings that create actions. These actions give you the results that you want in life.

  • [10:38] An example where your thoughts can create feelings of resentment that results in actions of dismissal and disdain.

  • [11:41] Examine which thoughts aren't actually true.

  • [13:02] Our brains go all in and focus on whatever we give them to focus on. They are very efficient.

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