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Building A Dream Life With Tinli Yarrington

Tinli Yarrington is my online business manager. She also runs a very successful business with employees, and she's only 25 years old. I wanted to talk with Tinli today because I'm fascinated with the fact that she cracked the code and became a successful entrepreneur at 25. She's an inspiration for how she is doing things that others only dream about at such a young age.

She shares her story and how her engineering job didn't feel right. She eventually discovered being an online VA but was able to move to an online business manager who offers high levels of support so that entrepreneurs can focus on their zones of genius. We also learn about her plans, dreams, and goal to travel. There are also a lot of insights about the importance of asking for and receiving help.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:32] She is an online business manager who does marketing, operations, and backend tasks for successful female entrepreneurs. This includes social media, email, and product launches.

  • [03:04] Tinli went to college and majored in engineering. When everyone else was looking for a job, Tinli knew something didn't feel right. She still ended up working at a large engineering firm in New York City.

  • [04:54] She started exploring online options and taught English before she discovered the world of online virtual assistants.

  • [06:07] She took a course and launched her VA business in January of 2020. She then transitioned to being a business owner and manager.

  • [08:23] She knew it was time to make a change when she wasn't looking forward to her job and didn't feel appreciated.

  • [15:42] When you really step into your zone of genius, you discover that you can pass on stuff to other people.

  • [16:46] Ask for help and get support. It might take awhile to get used to it, but there is growth for everyone.

  • [17:44] Tinli shares how she went from VA to online business manager with employees under her to manage.

  • [18:41] Working ten hours a day and weekends is not the definition of success. Have someone to walk alongside you and support you in your business.

  • [20:30] It's important to reframe asking for support and help. This frees you up to do what you want to do.

  • [21:46] Shifting roles has been amazing for Tinli from day one!

  • [22:31] She now has time for planning and vision building.

  • [24:48] Strategy and analytics are her favorite things. She enjoys celebrating things that go well.

  • [26:44] Tinli makes her clients feel like she doesn't have other clients.

  • [27:45] Her big goal is to travel for a while. She wants to get a lot of work transferred to her team, so that she can travel.

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