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Beyond Therapy with Laurie Dierstein

It’s time to go beyond therapy with Laurie Dierstein, a licensed clinical social worker and the owner of three integrated health clinics. She began Virginia Beach-based Reboot Mind-Body Health and now also has Reboot Functional Health and Reboot Intensive Programs. Each clinic serves a specific need of her patients with a mission of going beyond traditional styles of treatment by marrying them with holistic approaches. The goal is to motivate clients to become active participants in their overall health.

We discuss something most high achievers have experienced, dealing with chronic stress and burnout. We talk about therapy and going beyond to heal the mind-body connection. Laurie is a past client, friend, and a fantastic guest on the show to talk about going beyond therapy and helping women live the extraordinary lives they were meant to be. Stay tuned until the end, when Laurie shares how everyone can start living a healthier and easier life and stop putting themselves last.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:59] Laurie owns three clinics based in Virginia Beach including Reboot Mind-Body Health, Reboot Functional Health Care, and Reboot Intensive Programs.

  • [03:20] Each clinic is slightly different to meet the needs of their patients. They are focused on a comprehensive approach to healing.

  • [04:03] Laurie works with women who are high achievers and burnt out with chronic stress. They work on things like sleeplessness, irritability, mood changes, and infertility.

  • [04:34] Laurie is also a mom and wife and has experienced many of the things that she treats women for.

  • [06:38] Early on in her career, when Laurie was working with people who were dealing with mental health issues, she saw how burnt out the families were, especially the moms from dealing with all of it.

  • [08:03] She also experienced her own difficulties with chronic stress. This has led her to look within and help heal herself.

  • [09:43] During grad school, she experienced panic attacks while on the subway system in Boston. She had to figure out how to prevent this.

  • [10:36] She also experienced infertility. Through IVF, she was able to have two lovely daughters. Unexplained infertility can often be a symptom of chronic stress.

  • [13:40] Identify what you would do for a child and flip the script and do them for yourself. These are things like nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

  • [16:12] We have so much information coming to us, we need to decide what information is right for us. Good information versus bad information. What does your body need?

  • [18:30] People really need proper information about the nutrition that is right for them. Lab work can be very helpful. Sleep is also very important.

  • [22:40] It's not normal to feel depressed and tired and sick all of the time. There's a better way.

  • [25:53] Laurie shares one of her favorite client stories. It revolved around IVF treatment, anxiety, and eating gluten. She became more in tune with her body and foods she ate. She felt better, lost weight, and became less anxious.

  • [30:36] Start tuning into the connection between your brain and your body. Slow down and spend time with yourself. Find a provider that can guide you towards the best direction for you. Find someone who has experience in holistic wellness or integrative practitioner.

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