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Become The Boss Of Your Inner Mean Girl With Candle Lockett

Candle Lockett is a good friend, a client, a real estate master, and someone who has kicked her inner mean girl to the curb so much that she has become the boss of her inner mean girl. I’m so honored to have Candle on the show to talk about how her inner mean girl was holding her back and how she finally overcame the negative thoughts she was listening to and became so powerful and confident that she built a real estate empire. Candle is a real estate investor, consultant, rehabber, and teacher.

She is the host of the Lighting Up Real Estate podcast. This is the perfect name because her mom said that she was the light of her life and named her Candle when she was born. She is very successful with her business, but she is also super passionate about learning and teaching. She is even going back to school to get a Master’s degree in real estate. She also freely shares knowledge and loves teaching. This is why she started the Real Estate Investors on Fire learning community. A community that focuses on building wealth with real estate.

We dive into many of the challenges that Candle was facing. She looked successful on the outside, but her inner mean girl was dragging her down. It even affected her physically so much that she named her inner mean girl Christopher. We learn how journaling and writing down her thoughts first thing in the morning began the process of recognizing and positively processing her thoughts. She walks us through her journey, including a bout with imposter syndrome and how she came out on the other side loving life and being happier than ever.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:19] Krystal and Candle go way back. Candle is the OG Dangerous Woman.

  • [03:48] Candle is finally at a place where she is living authentically and unapologetically. She appreciates pressure and setbacks because the lessons only make her a better person.

  • [04:34] Learning to focus and get aligned has made a huge difference.

  • [05:17] Prior to her growth journey, Candle was struggling with mold allergies. She also had a negative attitude about herself and didn't realize that her criticism was making things worse instead of creating an opportunity for improvement.

  • [06:23] Now she wakes up and celebrates the wins.

  • [07:30] Results of inner mean girl self-talk ended up sabotaging Candle's efforts. Everything she would speak would happen.

  • [08:27] She began journaling and writing everything out, first thing in the morning. This was a really eye-opening experience. She had to get uncomfortable dealing with everything that was within her.

  • [09:06] Candle named her inner mean girl Christopher.

  • [11:54] We don't want to be mean to our inner mean girl, but we want to change the thoughts generated by her with love. We need to know that these are our thoughts and we can control them.

  • [14:12] Ego was one of the biggest things that Candle removed and allowed herself to become vulnerable.

  • [17:06] To let go of who she thought she was and become a better person, Candle had to see herself physically better. Her burden is easier and she wakes up lighter.

  • [17:48] Prior negative thoughts had affected her physically. She was just so tired all the time. It took a toll on her body.

  • [19:20] Now she wakes up excited and jumps out of bed and all that physical weight is gone.

  • [20:05] Imposter syndrome is real. She didn't feel worthy enough or deserving of all of the awesome things she was creating. She kept coming up with excuses.

  • [21:48] She had every excuse possible to avoid launching her course from her platform to getting her podcast off the ground to equipment.

  • [24:31] It's okay to raise your hand and say you need some help and support. This is the first step in your growth.

  • [29:08] When you're having a bad day, acknowledge all of the feelings and feel them. Sometimes it's not easy to sit with those feelings and negative emotions.

  • [33:17] One tangible thing Candle would tell us is to have inner gratitude. Look on the bright side and see the opportunity and the positive.

  • [35:42] When something negative happens she knows that God is up to something great. She knows it will be okay, and she keeps moving.

  • [37:13] Without the negative thoughts, Candle is always in abundance. She receives huge blessings every day.

  • [38:19] If she could get rid of one responsibility it would be bills. She wants to be 100% debt-free. She wants to take control of her finances and future. Everything she is doing is intentional.

  • [42:36] Candle is getting her master's degree in real estate which is her dream degree. She's also teaching real estate investing so other people can share in the abundance. She's excited about real estate and loves talking about it, learning about it, and teaching it to others.

  • [43:16] Real estate has been an opportunity for her to build wealth. Candle loves real estate and wants to help anybody who is interested in learning about it.

  • [44:46] She also has a community called Real Estate Investors on Fire, so her students can be around like-minded people doing or wanting to do real estate. We have to surround ourselves with the people that we are reaching for and searching for.

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