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5 Steps To Take When Nothing Is Working

Do you ever feel like things aren't going right and nothing is working? If so, stick around for my five-step process on how to move forward when it seems like everything is falling apart. Let’s conquer those struggles of frustration or hopelessness.

Instead of being overwhelmed, follow along as we tackle things like avoidance and how to acknowledge what the problem may be. It’s time to make a conscious choice to respond like a dangerous woman. Let’s work together to regain momentum and take control of what’s going on in our lives.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:53] Some people avoid acknowledging reality and what isn't working in their lives. They distract themselves by being hyper-focused on another area of their lives.

  • [02:34] There are also unhealthy ways to distract ourselves like alcohol or unhealthy relationships.

  • [03:37] When you feel like things aren't working. Define what the problem is and what exactly isn't working.

  • [04:24] List what isn't working and take the time to find the what and why.

  • [05:57] It's time to shift into determination and not accept that this is just how it is.

  • [06:31] Create a list of exactly what things would look like if they were working.

  • [07:33] You know what isn't working. You know why, and you know what things would look like if it were working.

  • [07:43] The next step is to know who you need to be in order to create a scenario where things are working. What do you need to think? How do you need to show up?

  • [08:58] The woman who figures things out is the one who runs directly into it and figures out how to get out of it. The "who" is the most important part when life serves up trouble.

  • [10:38] Embrace your thoughts, and be the woman who pushes through and finds what's working.

  • [11:27] Don't fake it until you make it. Add "but" to the “it's not working” thought. Carry these thoughts as you take intentional action. Don't leave your thought alone without the "but".

  • [13:20] 5 step recap. 1. Identify exactly what isn't working. 2. Identify why it's not working. 3. Identify what it would look like if it were working. 4. Go back to who you say you are. (Check Dangerous Woman Manifesto) 5. Lay out the how and the steps to get where you want to be.

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