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3 Reasons To Give Up Your Goals

You know I talk a lot about setting and achieving goals. This episode is a bit different. I'm going to talk about knowing when it’s time to give up on a goal and move on. How do you know it's time to stop pursuing a plan or pause it? I’m going to talk about three things that are reasons to end or place a hold on that goal.

I’m going to talk about acting like a scientist and approaching things from a place of curiosity, so you can examine your thoughts without judgment and make sure your current goal aligns with who you want to become. This episode will walk you through how to decide if you should continue with your goals or pause or reset them.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:39] There are three instances where you should stop or pause your goal. 1. When you're beating yourself up all the way to reaching the goal. 2. When the goal no longer aligns with who you want to be. 3. When you're okay with not achieving that goal.

  • [02:00] A lot of women struggle with setting a goal and judging themselves on every misstep. You're not getting there fast enough or doing it right enough. There's a whole list of reasons that are wrong.

  • [04:13] The difference between feeling good and encouraged and the difference between feeling discouraged is the difference between reaching your goal or not.

  • [04:37] Pause and rewrite your narrative. Create a process that notes both the good and the bad. There's a way to see both sides of the coin without beating yourself up. Honestly evaluate where you are now.

  • [06:00] Look at what is working. Look at what isn't working. Define what's working and what is potentially in the way. Look at it like a scientist and decide what is and isn't working.

  • [08:11] The second reason is when you become more aware of what you want your goal may not align with that person any longer. It's okay to give up a goal that doesn't align with who you are.

  • [09:59] Give yourself permission to do what really lights your heart up. Imagine what it would be like.

  • [11:37] If you're okay with your goal not happening, you're already setting yourself up for failure. You're giving yourself an out before it even happens.

  • [13:08] Dangerous women need to be on fire about the goals that they set. Be committed to making it happen!

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