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Being Too Easy On Yourself

Have you tried everything possible and still find yourself not where you want to be? In this discussion, I'll address how to determine whether you're being too hard on yourself or too lenient. Generally, people fall into two categories: those who are overly critical of themselves and those who don't realize they are too lenient.

I'll cover several key points, including recognizing the right moments to engage, finding a balanced approach, and providing tips for self-assessment to help you understand whether you're being too easy or too hard on yourself. 

I approach the topics of procrastination and perfectionism, explaining how these behaviors can hinder progress. Finally, I'll discuss the issue of limited time and the importance of evaluating whether your goals truly align with your desires.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [01:42] We want to be in the middle of the two extremes of being too hard or too lenient on yourself.

  • [02:03] Finding middle ground will be very important when trying to establish anything new in your life.

  • [02:16] A talk for those who are being too easy on themselves. Self diagnosis includes asking if you are always making excuses, procrastinating, or constantly switching the plan or the goal.

  • [03:41] Commonly used reasons for not moving.

  • [04:25] Procrastination and perfectionism will keep you stuck.

  • [08:07] The flip side of being too easy on yourself is being too hard on yourself. You are using perfectionism like a hammer.

  • [10:27] For every reason you have to not progress and go further, ask yourself if this is really true. 

  • [11:15] We need to know how we spend our time, because our brains will validate not having time.

  • [12:53] Make sure you're very clear about what your goal is.

  • [14:37] Set goals that give you early wins so you don't get discouraged and quit.

  • [15:27] Create a routine that you follow and make it non-negotiable.

  • [17:08] There will be bumps on the road, your goal is to continue becoming the woman who makes the changes and reaches the goal.

  • [17:58] The power of accountability is imperative in reaching your goals. A good coach will see your blind spots. 

  • [19:20] Join the Dangerous Woman Society!

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