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Unexpected Blessings with Tawana Miller

If you want to get healthy and be inspired, this is the podcast for you. My guest, Tawana Miller, is the CEO of BFitBFly, a healthy lifestyle brand that specializes in plant-dominant meal prep, kitchen, and pantry organization, and her signature detox culinary program called The Meal Edit.

Tawana has a master's degree in healthcare administration. She's a personal wellness chef, a healthy lifestyle expert, and she holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the Center of Nutrition Studies at Cornell. Tawana's approach to a balanced, plant-based lifestyle extends beyond mere diet; it's a tailored solution to individual needs.

She's also an advocate and speaker for autism awareness, and part of her company's proceeds are donated to Autism Speaks. We talk about how Tawana’s life changed for the better when her miracle baby arrived. This episode will have you wanting to eat better and appreciate unexpected blessings.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:30] Tawana's son was a miracle child. She was inspired to start her nutrition business to help with her son's autism.

  • [04:03] Tawana talks about the transition that she and her husband went through and the loss they mourned. She found a whole new life when she got to the other side.

  • [05:16] She began taking cooking lessons. She wanted to cook better for her son and found it to be very therapeutic.

  • [05:50] Tawana explains why it's so important for her to be an advocate for the special needs community.

  • [06:40] No matter what someone's special needs or disability may be, we all have a story and have unique needs.

  • [07:06] It's not true that special needs kids aren't able to learn.

  • [08:33] Tawana always invites people to ask questions, and she loves it when people are curious about special needs children.

  • [09:06] She's not totally vegan, but believes in being plant-based. Her son had food intolerances like dairy sensitivity. She tells her clients to do what works for them.

  • [11:06] This diet has improved the health of the whole family. A plant-based lifestyle has worked well for them.

  • [12:39] Tawana shares how eating plant-based has improved the health of her clients.

  • [14:31] Her favorite part of her business is when people see the value that she's giving them.

  • [16:28] She feels like media is the next step for her, so she can get the message out.

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