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The Personal Reality Check

Do you ever feel like you're behind in life or the life that you dream of living is just out of your reach? If so, this episode on the personal reality check is for you. It's time to move past those feelings and take massive action to live the life of your dreams. Are you finding evidence to justify why you haven’t done something? This episode will help you move past that.

What if you spent 365 days focused on solely making your dream a reality? This is what we’re going to do in The Dangerous Woman Mastermind The Year of You. You and nine other women will spend an entire year focusing on your biggest goals, along with deep level coaching, support, and massive amounts of action and accountability. We start in January and registration to join the group is open now.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:47] One of my recent thoughts is that I should be further along than I am right now. I fell into victim mode and fought for excuses.

  • [04:03] We find evidence to justify why we haven’t done something. It would be more efficient to look at what is possible.

  • [05:35] Where in your life are you fighting for your reasons why not? Who has the answers to your problems if you don't have them?

  • [06:22] Why couldn't I have a multimillion-dollar business? Because I've never done it before and I don't know how.

  • [06:46] Ask yourself why you can't have the thing that you're dreaming about. Then answer yourself.

  • [07:51] Ask yourself who you've been in your business and your life.

  • [09:40] I've been showing up for my clients 110% and fighting for their dreams. I haven't been showing up consistently for me as much.

  • [10:09] Not showing up will stop you from achieving your dream.

  • [11:51] Who do you need to be in order to reach your goal? This is where you level up your self-image.

  • [13:21] You get to decide you are no longer going to tolerate just dreaming about achieving your goals.

Links and Resources:

  • The Dangerous Woman Mastermind

  • Dr. Krystal Conner

  • Dr. Krystal Conner Instagram

  • How to Be a Dangerous Woman Facebook Group

  • Dangerous Woman Manifesto

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