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The One Decision That Will Change Your Life

It's the last week of 2021. It's time to think about what you are proud of accomplishing. This may have been the year that you started setting boundaries in your relationship or developing healthier habits. It might be the year you finally started your business or hit those long-awaited career goals. You can be proud that you just made it through the year without losing your mind.

I want you to have a positive attitude as you wrap this year up so that you'll look at next year with more positivity and abundance. That's why today we're going to talk about the one decision that will change your life once you learn how to make it. Doing this will help you reach goals in half the time, and it will pay off repeatedly throughout your life.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:30] Your life will change when you make the decision to not try and do everything on your own. It's time to choose to ask for help.

  • [02:59] Many women find it hard to ask for help, because they think they have to do everything themselves. This is why so many of us struggle with superwoman syndrome.

  • [04:48] Another reason women feel like they shouldn't ask for help is because it makes them feel like they are somehow losing control.

  • [05:30] There are times when you might not ask for help because you like being a martyr. You may also feel like you're being a bother or your pride could even get in the way.

  • [07:22] You also may not truly be able to express what your needs are.

  • [08:51] Challenge your perspective. Strong women ask for help. Challenge any negative thoughts that come up. Ask yourself how asking for help can be the most powerful thing that you can do?

  • [09:47] Figure out exactly what you need and ask for it. What would make your life easier? What would you give you extra time in the day to do the things you've been talking about doing forever? What would give you time to rest or spend time with their loved ones without feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

  • [10:51] Once you know what you want, communicate clearly what your needs are. Don't be vague. Don't apologize. Dangerous women know when to raise their hands and ask for help. Make yourself available to help others.

  • [12:31] Learning how to ask for help will change your life. Some of the reasons you might ask for help include feeling like you should be able to do it by yourself, fear of losing control, wanting to play the role of a martyr, or feeling like you already know how to do everything.

  • [12:53] Challenge your beliefs about what it means to you to ask for help. Figure out what you need and clearly communicate that to others.

  • [13:15] Look at your schedule and find one thing big or small that you can ask for help with.

  • [15:03] If all your wildest dreams come true next year in 2022, what would you be thankful for? Write it out in your journal and start being grateful for these things now.

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