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The Illusion of Overwhelm

Have you ever looked at your calendar and wondered how can I ever get all of this done? Do you feel like you have too much to do or don't have enough time to get it done? These feelings of inadequacy and anxiousness can be a result of overwhelm. This episode will help you overcome those feelings of overwhelm and be the dangerous woman you are.

I'm going to talk about how our thoughts affect our feelings and actions. I'm going to explain how two people with similar circumstances can each have a to-do list with ten items, and one person is overwhelmed, and the other doesn't think it's a big deal. I will explain why we have limiting thoughts and how to challenge those thoughts.

I will give you questions to ask to help you change your thoughts and change your actions. I'm going to help you understand that you do have the time to do what you need to do. I'm going to give you suggestions to help kick overwhelm to the curb and schedule your important tasks while getting rid of the things that aren't important. This new year is the perfect time to improve your thoughts and improve your life.

Episode Highlights:

  • [04:25] When you have thoughts that create feelings of stress and feelings that you aren't enough, you will always feel overwhelmed and burnt out. A to-do list is neutral until you attach thoughts to it.

  • [05:30] The Model explains that we have circumstances which are anything we consider to be a fact. We are taught that our feelings are created by things outside of us. We're told our feelings are caused by circumstances.

  • [06:58] The step between our circumstances and our feelings, that many people never consider, is our thoughts. There's a circumstance. We have a thought about that circumstance. That thought creates a feeling.

  • [07:31] Your life as it is right now is a result of your past thoughts. If you really want to change your life. The only thing you can control is your thoughts. It's the only thing you can control in this world. You can't control other people. What you do control is how you respond to that.

  • [09:00] If you feel like the same thing is happening to you over and over, it's because there's a thought driving every decision you make that is keeping you stuck.

  • [09:59] If you want to make overwhelm optional start to pay attention to your thoughts. Challenge your thoughts. Ask questions.

  • [10:43] Is this true? What else could also be true here? Is it true that I have so much to do? Is it true that I only have so many hours? Is it true that I don't know what to do? Is it true that I don't know what to say?

  • [12:09] Overwhelm causes inaction. Challenge and question your thoughts that are causing overwhelm.

  • [14:43] Write out every task you need to complete. Schedule the things that you need to get done. Write out a date and time. Ask what is necessary. Do a life edit and delegate or delete things that aren't necessary.

  • [15:43] I have the time to do what I want and need to do. It's scheduled and it's going to get done. This is your weapon against overwhelm.

  • [15:54] I'm doing the best that I can with the time that I have. I am enough. I am capable. When I focus and prioritize, I have time to do everything that's important to me. Don't let overwhelm stop you from becoming a dangerous woman.

  • [16:37] Your thoughts create your feelings which drive your actions and ultimately give you your results in life. Your results in life are a direct reflection of what you have been thinking. In order to have different results, you have to think different thoughts.

  • [16:58] When you feel overwhelmed ask yourself a series of pointed questions. Have an internal dialogue that questions the validity of your self-imposed limitations.

  • [17:11] Homework: Continue working on your 30-day Focus according to the stage that you're in. Continue to monitor what you're thinking about and journal about that.

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