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The Expectation of Ease

We all have big dreams. We can picture the fantastic result, but we don’t usually imagine the hard stuff. When discomfort and frustration start to creep in, we discover it’s not so easy after all. Many of us throw in the towel and give up at this point. Feeling uncomfortable isn’t part of the dream. We think if it’s going to be this hard, we might as well give up.

This episode is for you if you've ever taken discomfort to indicate that you should stop pursuing your goal. Sometimes, we have expectations that everything should be comfortable and easy. I even felt this way when I first began coaching. I was so excited to help people. I knew this was my calling, and I jumped right in.

I started my Instagram account, which I knew would take off immediately, but it didn’t. I figured the easiest way to fix this was to hire someone already successful on Instagram to take care of things for me. This may have been comfortable and easy, but deep down, I knew I needed to be the one sharing my message with my audience, and I was right.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:41] I had big expectations when I started my coaching business. My Instagram account wasn't growing, so I hired an "expert." I also ignored that small voice telling me that I should be the one writing my message to my audience.

  • [06:57] I share when I knew that I shouldn't have ignored those feelings. I knew that no matter how uncomfortable it was, I had something to say that needed to be heard.

  • [08:03] I needed to be an example. I couldn't talk to women about doing all of these things if I wasn't doing them first.

  • [09:46] What you think about yourself internally is expressed and exposed in what your life is like externally. Unless you change or alter this programming, you cannot think, feel, or act differently.

  • [10:25] Your negative thoughts about yourself will always show up in how you behave. If there's a place in your life where you feel you're not as successful as you should be, it's due to a poor self-concept.

  • [11:03] The way to overcome these problems is to upgrade your self-concept. When you change your inner thoughts, you will see the benefits in your outer world.

  • [12:01] To improve your self-concept in any area, you have to first know what the goal is. You need to know the woman you desire to be.

  • [12:21] The Dangerous Woman Manifesto will give you a blueprint. Download it and study it.

  • [12:52] Visualize yourself being this woman. Visualization will activate your subconscious mind. Picturing yourself being this woman will align your thoughts with the idea of your ideal self.

  • [13:32] Speak positive words and affirmations over your life. Speaking positive affirmations that you believe to be true will override your old self-concept.

  • [14:10] Become the woman now. Please don't wait until later to become her. Use your knowledge of who she is to take on her characteristics. When you do this, you'll feel confident.

  • [15:21] Everything shifted when I began thinking, feeling, and acting on purpose as a successful, powerful coach.

  • I made sure I looked and felt the part of a successful, powerful coach. I became what I visualized.

  • [17:25] Go be a dangerous woman. Start today!

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