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The Art of Delusion

Do you ever struggle with achieving your biggest dreams or goals? Using the art of delusion might be the key to your success. I explain what this means and give steps to take an honest look at your life and the emotions that come up. No more pushing down and repressing those emotions. No more responding immediately without taking a step back. 

The next step is up to you. You have a choice in how you’ll look at the situation. It might not be as bad as you think and you can use the art of delusion to look at things in a different light. Believing that things will get better can be life changing and that’s our goal for 2024.

This is the work that we are doing in the Dangerous Woman Society, a monthly membership community that will create a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere, fostering support and encouragement.

You'll get group coaching and lessons. You can ask questions and personalize the experience. You'll also get access to a powerful community of women who are just like you. All for $99 per month, with the flexibility to cancel anytime. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [01:35] The art of delusion is when you believe that things will be okay and get better even when they aren't going according to plan. 

  • [02:08]  As challenges and struggles arise in your life, look at them for exactly what they are. Be real, raw, and honest about what's going on in your situation.

  • [03:00] The only reason you wouldn't face the reality of what it would be if you couldn't handle the emotions that come with it.

  • [03:06] This year we are going to focus on learning to handle the emotions that come with being a human being and having a human life experience. This is the year we learn how to do life better.

  • [03:43] Challenges are here to teach us and help us to grow.

  • [04:37] Give yourself permission to feel the emotions that do come up when you look at things as they are.

  • [05:25] Look at the situation from an honest place. Feel whatever comes up. Now you have a choice. You can look at the situation from whatever angle comes up.

  • [06:45] It's not delusional to look at things in a better light. It's faith. 

  • [06:54] Faith is believing in something that isn't as if it already was.

  • [08:24] Thinking that things are changing for the better makes a complete difference in your life.

  • [10:03] This year I want you to know yourself at the deepest and most intimate level.

  • [11:12] Take what you feel and connect it to what you believe. 

  • [12:32] Have an anchor where you can create your own "but" statement to stop the descent into overwhelm or discouragement.

  • [13:33] Look at things how they are and choose to believe that there are better days ahead.

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