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The 2024 Mindset Makeover Part 2

Do you ever struggle with knowing when and how to ask for help? If so, this episode is for you. We're talking about how to avoid the trap of superwoman syndrome and managing everything independently. This is the 2024 Mindset Makeover Part 2. 

Even when busy during the holidays, you likely still have thoughts and dreams for the upcoming year. We are going to talk about how to turn those dreams into reality. We've previously discussed the mindset steps. 

Today, we’re focusing on the critically important execution phase. I'll discuss when and whether to seek help after completing the mindset work and formulating a plan of action.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [03:00] Define what matters most to you and clarify your priorities. 

  • [04:02] What is your zone of genius?

  • [05:07] Will the time you save getting support from someone else outweigh the cost of doing it yourself? Identify the benefits.

  • [07:22] Will doing it yourself and learning a new skill set really matter to you?

  • [08:57] The tricky part about deciding whether you should ask for help or not is where you're avoiding the discomfort of a task and just letting someone else do it. Or even if you think if someone else does it it'll be an immediate success.

  • [09:41] I want you to be able to distinguish and catch when you are trying to avoid growth.

  • [14:06] When I signed up for a coaching program, the relief I felt should have been a red flag for me when I thought of not having to do something that is essential for my business.

  • [14:52] I wanted the program to do the heavy lifting and relieve me from the discomfort of doing what I needed to do.

  • [16:11] I want you to be aware of how easy it is to fall prey to taking the easy way out.

  • [17:00] Knowingly choosing discomfort isn't easy. You need to be mindful of how your brain will try to escape from any discomfort.

  • [17:12] Examples of when it's good to ask for help include working with a financial planner, a certified trainer, hiring a housekeeper, or ordering groceries.

  • [18:35] A life coach can see your blind spots and point them out to you in a way that your friends and family aren't going to.

  • [19:52]  As a business owner, you need to learn how to deal with the rejection before hiring someone to do the sales and follow up for you.

  • [20:21] Knowing when to ask for help is vital. It's important to know your motives behind asking for help.

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