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Limiting Factors

There are two questions that you can use to discover limiting factors that may be holding you back. The answers to these questions dictate everything you do in your life. I’m going to share these two questions and discuss different ways the answers may affect your life and stifle your goals. This simple self-discovery exercise of noticing underlying beliefs and the thoughts they drive will serve you through the new year and beyond.

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Episode Highlights:

  • [02:17] What do I want people to think about me? What do I want to avoid in my life?

  • [02:34] The answers to these questions dictate how you do everything from your decisions, behaviors, to relationships.

  • [03:14] What do I want people to think of me? All of us think about this at some level. This dictates how you show up.

  • [04:02] You might want people to think that you are independent or a rebel. That also dictates how you show up and what you do.

  • [04:29] Notice how your desire to be seen as somebody nice, kind, sweet, and well thought of is going to encourage you to say yes to some things and no to others.

  • [05:21] If you want to be seen as successful, you might avoid anything that could be seen as a risky opportunity.

  • [06:05] We can want to be seen in a certain way and try to control the narrative, or we can just simply be.

  • [06:49] What are you avoiding in your life? Whatever it is, it's limiting you.

  • [08:36] You may be avoiding discomfort. Doing something new is uncomfortable. If your purpose in life is to avoid discomfort, you might not try something new and do that big goal.

  • [09:37] Whatever we are avoiding is preventing us from living our desires and dreams.

  • [10:16] Gather information and gain a new perspective.

  • [10:54] When you look at your plans for this year and the next year, notice what thoughts come up and your underlying beliefs that are driving those thoughts.

Links and Resources:

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  • Dr. Krystal Conner Instagram

  • How to Be a Dangerous Woman Facebook Group

  • Dangerous Woman Manifesto

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