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Finding Purpose with Gabrielle Smith

Have you ever been stuck wondering what your purpose is? Master-certified life and business coach Gabrielle Smith is here to help us understand and find clarity with purpose. Gabrielle spent years trying to find her purpose, now that she’s figured it out, she’s made it her life’s mission to help other people do the same.

We talk about discovering your true passion. We discuss the fear that’s involved with change and how to start slow before diving in. We also talk about overcoming fear and how eventually we need to take the leap. We dive into the safety of working for someone else versus being an entrepreneur. This is the perfect episode for anyone who is looking for a change in spite of fear and doubts.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:33] Gabrielle is my accountability partner.

  • [03:49] She spent about 20+ years as a software engineer. Gabrielle didn't feel fulfilled and was searching for her purpose. She discovered life coaching and knew this was how she was meant to impact this world.

  • [08:26] There's a difference between knowing your purpose and taking action on it. Gabriel decided to get certified and take the entrepreneurial route.

  • [10:36] Gabrielle talks about how to know your purpose. Feeling uncomfortable can be a clue that it's time to keep looking for what you really want.

  • [15:19] It made perfect sense for Gabrielle to become a life coach, but the process took a lot of journaling and discovery.

  • [17:38] Gabrielle also experimented with blogging and starting a clothing line and several other options before knowing that life coaching was the answer.

  • [21:25] During the adjustment period, Gabrielle coached on the side while keeping her job. She knew when it was time and put in her notice.

  • [23:26] The limbo and safety of staying at your job as opposed to working on your own business.

  • [27:16] Gabrielle had first intended to coach for someone else or a school or something, but then she realized that life coaching and entrepreneurship was the route that was best for her.

  • [29:05] The importance of finding hobbies and things we like. Humans in general evolve and need to explore and discover things that they are interested in.

  • [31:16] What you can do when you find yourself at that crossroads in life. Acknowledge and trust your feelings. Allow yourself to explore. Dream big and get it out on paper.

  • [35:19] Don't research forever. You also have to take the next best step and repeat. It's important to be gentle with yourself. It's okay to be a beginner.

  • [37:23] Be compassionate and kind to yourself, so you can keep moving forward.

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