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Finding Gratitude

I've been making it a point to be and feel more grateful. This month is National Gratitude Month, and we also celebrate Thanksgiving. It's time to focus on how to be and feel more grateful. I will talk about ways to find gratitude in your life, even when it feels difficult and challenging.

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Episode Highlights:

  • [01:32] How can we feel thankful when times are difficult?

  • [01:57] Choose to be grateful. Intentionally set out to find gratitude in your life. Put thought, time and action into it.

  • [03:33] Looking at life's difficulty in a different way will put you in a completely different mindset.

  • [03:58] Begin to seek out ways to serve others that are suffering. Set aside your problems and take the time to be present for someone else.

  • [04:52] Ways to implement gratitude practice in your life. Start noticing your complaints and follow them up with a statement of gratitude.

  • [05:27] Intentional gratitude. Allow yourself to express your feelings, and then follow it up with something positive.

  • [07:01] I caught myself complaining about having to take my children to all of their sports events, then I realized that eventually they'd be out of the house, and I wouldn't have these opportunities. I became grateful for the carpool time.

  • [08:40] Look at your life and see how the complaints of one-season becomes the longings of another.

  • [09:06] Journaling is a great practice for gratitude. Make a point to write out three to five things that you are grateful for.

  • [09:51] You could also create a gratitude jar. Start with intention and make it part of your dangerous woman manifesto.

Links and Resources:

  • The Dangerous Woman Mastermind

  • Dr. Krystal Conner

  • Dr. Krystal Conner Instagram

  • How to Be a Dangerous Woman Facebook Group

  • Dangerous Woman Manifesto

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