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Failing Forward

Fear of failure can make you stall when working towards your most meaningful and most important goals. You know that one thing you want to achieve in your life, it's time to picture yourself doing that thing right now. This episode is for you if you are immediately bombarded with what-ifs when you start thinking about achieving your big important goal.

You need to be able to reframe how you think about failure and your fear of it to be a dangerous woman and tackle those big vital dreams. I’m going to uncover some of why we have these fears. Then I’ll show you how to capitalize on any fear of failure that you experience from this point and move forward. It’s time to accomplish the important stuff and not let anything hold you back.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:44] If you can't reframe your fear of failure, you'll never be able to accomplish the things that you have been dreaming about doing.

  • [03:25] It's time to learn how to fail forward to create the life of your dreams.

  • [04:05] Failure is an unavoidable side-effect of living. Wouldn't you rather fail at trying to create the life of your dreams than just fail at trying at all?

  • [04:24] The big reason we feel we need to avoid failure is because we make it all about us. For some reason, we make failing mean that we are a failure. Your inner mean girl is going to blow this thing up.

  • [05:15] It's possible to make failure mean something so negative about who you are that you could take it personally and use it as a character flaw. Of course, your brain will want to avoid this at all costs.

  • [06:48] Decide right now what you will make failure mean. Fully experience all aspects of going through a failure and learn from it. Don't let it shut down any possibilities of you getting up and trying again. You get to decide that you'll have your own back.

  • [07:46] You are growing wiser and more experienced and this failure is making you grow even stronger. Write this down somewhere.

  • [09:04] Decide what you will do if you fail. That could be as easy as deciding to keep going.

  • [09:50] You get to feel any way you want to. Don't try to avoid your feelings. Feel it without reacting or saying negative things about yourself. Give yourself space and make your decision about your next step.

  • [10:27] Find your support system. Surround yourself with people who will support you and encourage you. You also need people to hold you accountable. Your crew of dangerous women will not allow you to wallow.

  • [11:09] Dangerous women don't call their girlfriends out, they call them up to what they know they can be.

  • [11:43] Stretch yourself to think of what did work and write it all out. Write out the facts and write out what you will do differently the next time. Find evidence that you are resilient and have gained wisdom.

  • [13:13] What are you proud of this week? What is one thing that makes you want to celebrate yourself? Honor your growth and find ways to celebrate yourself.

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