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Embracing Your Villain Era

It’s time to embrace your villain era. Embrace those positive things that conditioning or society has frowned on that makes you your most dangerous self. Society can look down on ambition, career or business success, and even financially successful women.

There are seven steps to get the most out of your life. Today, I’m talking about the one that can help you tear down limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from living the life you want and deserve.

I also want to remind you to sign up for my Live Masterclass. I’m going to be teaching a class called The Biggest Reason Positive Changes And Habits Don't Stick And What To Do To Finally Break Free Of The Start/Stop Cycle. I'll be giving you the system to implement positive habits to make changes in a way that sticks.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:15] If you're over 25, you've probably figured out the big secret that happily-ever-after is a bill of goods that we were sold as children.

  • [04:29] It's acceptable for us to work outside of the home, but it's not acceptable to be ambitious and have a high-profile career. We're taught to temper our dreams and our desires.

  • [05:05] We're also taught that if we become successful in a dangerous way, we shouldn't tell other people about it.

  • [06:15] Seven areas of focus you can't ignore if you want to be a dangerous woman. We are going to talk about one of those.

  • [06:27] If you're going to be the most dangerous version of yourself you must address your self-talk. The words that you say to yourself when you mess up or feel that you're feeling somehow.

  • [07:11] If you talk to yourself in a way that's mean or derogatory, you're going to hurt yourself during the entire journey.

  • [07:33] We spend more time talking to ourselves through our thoughts and sometimes out loud than we do with any other human beings.

  • [07:42] Our words and thoughts running through our brains are extremely important. We can also speak to ourselves in a way that blocks our ability to see the changes we need to make. Our words could be our blind spot.

  • [08:49] When you master your self-talk you become dangerous and create results that blow your mind.

  • [09:21] Become an observer of your own mind and catch the things you say to yourself. How do they make you feel? Do you shrink or hold that? Does your head get big? Do you stop seeing your own shortcomings?

  • [10:32] Observe and notice, so you can begin the process of unwinding and changing the language.

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