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Avoiding Mediocrity

If you need a quick push to get into action and create an amazing year, this episode is for you. This week, I'm doing a rapid-fire talk about why you could be in mediocrity and how to start taking action to get out of it. This is a wake-up call, so that you don’t settle into this year like you did last year. 

If you aren't paying attention and taking intentional action, this year will look exactly like last year. We’ve talked about this dozens of times in our community, but there’s never a time it doesn’t need to be revisited. If you’re living below your version of your best life, you are officially living in mediocrity. Let’s make this year different. 

This podcast revolves around what we'll be working on in our first session of the Dangerous Woman Society on January 23rd. If you would like to join, it's $99 a month for monthly group coaching sessions, monthly lessons, accountability, and a community that's going through the same things you are. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [02:02] If you're living a life that is below your version of your best life, you are officially in mediocrity.

  • [02:36] How you may have gotten to this place. It could be a lack of awareness.

  • [03:09] If you never take a look at where you are or think about what you want, you'll never even consider making changes in your life.

  • [03:15] Rate your life on a scale of 1-10 in relationships, career, business, money, and health.

  • [04:05] 2024 is a perfect time to revisit your ratings and see where you are.

  • [04:51] Other reasons you could feel stuck are an attachment to your comfort zone and an unwillingness to leave it.

  • [05:14] Unclear goals or waiting for support from others could also be in issue.

  • [06:02] What would you do if you didn't feel fear or any other negative feelings?

  • [06:35] Your homework is to evaluate your life in health, relationships, money, career or business, and identify the Gap from where you are and where you want to be. Ask yourself the reason why you aren't where you want to be.

  • [06:57] Make a commitment to being a woman who takes intentional action with the knowledge of what has been holding you back.

  • [07:23] This is what we'll be working on in the first session of the Dangerous Woman Society on January 23rd.

  • [07:33] Joining the Dangerous Woman Society will give you a community that makes you feel less alone. You'll see women in the same spot that you are and those that aren't even there yet.

  • [08:03] There will be people that you can Inspire and people that you will be inspired by.

  • [08:59] You are not mediocre. You may not be there yet, but being in progress is important. That is this work.

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