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A Mess Or A Masterpiece? 4 Steps To Crushing Goals On Repeat

You know those monumental goals, the ones that you put out there for someday. Is it possible that they are so big that something is holding you back? Could that something be you or, more accurately, your mindset? This week, I will help you overcome any drama you feel about setting those big goals.

We will dive right in and do the work to discover the gaps and thoughts that may be preventing you from getting there. I have a four-step process that you can repeatedly do to hit your goals and have the confidence to create and live the life that you want. It’s time to sit down with pen and paper and make those big goals real and within your reach.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:26] Take an inventory of your life. Get out your journal and think about your career, your relationships, your health, and your money. Rate these areas on a scale of 1 to 10. Write out your rating and why.

  • [02:47] Look at it as information from a very neutral place. This is your starting point.

  • [03:05] Go back to the area and think about what would need to change to make that area a 10 out of 10. Allow yourself to dream. The sky's the limit.

  • [04:01] We're going to focus our time on the space from where you are to where you want to be. Don't let negative thoughts stop you from taking productive action.

  • [05:27] Challenge your thoughts that might be holding you back. We're going to systematically dismantle them. Think about it like climbing a ladder. You take one rung at a time.

  • [06:09] Find your next believable thought that moves you from impossibility to perhaps or maybe. Test the limits of your belief and seek examples that help you move up the ladder.

  • [07:45] To become a dangerous woman you have to be willing to test your limits.

  • [08:08] Think about the feelings that you think you're going to feel once you reach your goal. What feelings are going to be important in your journey?

  • [09:04] All of the feelings we want to feel come from our thoughts. These feelings are within our reach when we find the believable thought that drives that emotion.

  • [10:19] Vision boards are great because they give us a visual reminder. Don't let your vision board become a glorified instrument of procrastination. You need to put the necessary action behind it to make it a reality.

  • [11:09] Define how you would show up and embody those characteristics. How do you show up in boldness? What thoughts exemplify boldness? How do you display confidence, etc?

  • [12:38] Look at characteristics you admire in others and create your own version that aligns with who you are.

  • [14:13] Do this work and share it with your girlfriends.

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