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4 Shifts To Make Right Now To Be A Dangerous Woman

I'm going to talk about four non-negotiable shifts that you need to make right now in order for you to be the most dangerous in your business and in your life. I’ve noticed that my most successful clients have made these four things non-negotiable in their lives. It’s time for you to implement them in your everyday life.

Is this the year that you're finally going to achieve that big goal? What would happen if you spent 365 days focused on solely making your dream a reality? This is what we’re going to do in The Dangerous Woman Mastermind The Year of You.

You and nine other women will spend an entire year focusing on your biggest goals, along with deep level coaching, support, and massive amounts of action and accountability. We start in January and registration to join the group is open now.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:28] 1. Successful women do not allow their self-talk to be negative. She's going to fight and pull up all evidence to the contrary of her negative thoughts.

  • [03:39] Become an expert in your self-talk language. Be aware of how you speak about yourself and think about yourself.

  • [04:32] 2. Growth. Seek out opportunities to grow. Don't stop learning.

  • [05:38] 3. Attention to external appearance and environment. When you feel and look good, it changes everything.

  • [06:29] Taking care of your appearance is not a form of vanity unless you prioritize it over everything else. Everything around you should be an extension of who you are, even your car and your home.

  • [08:21] 4. Be in charge of your schedule. Be mindful of how you spend your time. Don't allow life and your day to just happen to you.

  • [08:46] When you prioritize your life, you are making the statement that you are important and worthy.

  • [09:19] Monday hour one is when you write out everything you have to do, both personal and work-related.

Links and Resources:

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  • How to Be a Dangerous Woman Facebook Group

  • Dangerous Woman Manifesto

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