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What are you afraid of?

Fear is a life saving, necessary emotion.

Irrational fear is a dream stealing, life stalling emotion that prevents you from doing all of the things you've been called to do.

Fear and irrational fear are very different.

For instance, when you're face to face with an 800 pound gorilla... fear is helpful and extremely appropriate. That would definitely be considered a rational fear.

On the other hand, being fearful that nobody will like or engage in your social media posts about your business is an irrational fear, annnnnd - yeah, not so helpful.

In one scenario, the absence of fear will most certainly lead to your demise. In the other one....let's just say not getting likes, followers or engagement ain't gonna kill you.

Bottom line:

Rational fear - Good

Irrational fear - No ma'am

You are in irrational fear much more than you probably realize, and it's truly holding you up.

Try this out:

1. Write out all of your fears on a piece of paper. Literally write, "I am afraid of.." and fill in the blank with all you can think of.

2. Look at each one and decide if it is rational or irrational.

Go through and really question yourself here. Does the fear have something to do with life or death, or your survival, or is it a feeling that you are afraid of feeling.

3. If it is a feeling that you are afraid of feeling - that is an irrational fear.

4. Start exploring where in your life that thought is holding you back.

5. Then, I want you to decide to take action in spite of it.

Don't try and wait until you don't feel fear. You can move in the presence of fear. In fact, moving while you are still fearful is one of the most life transforming things you could ever do.

When you take action in the presence of fear, you are going to not only prove to yourself that it was irrational, but you will also know what fear feels like versus knowing what it feels like to resist it.

Once you know what it feels like, you'll know that you can survive it.

Try this out, and do your work.

You can do this. Start really looking at what is holding you back, and then make a decision that you're not going to allow it to stop you another day!

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